Workplace Violence

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Protests and riots: Don’t get caught in the crossfire

Be alert, have an exit plan and refuse to be a “gawker.” When you click on the news, you see protests and riots. And they’re not quiet. You may support protests, but detest riots. Or you may feel sympathy for both. Or neither. But when it comes to keeping safe, your views aren’t too important.

“What Would You Do” if an active shooter showed up?

An incident in rural Alaska brings home the importance of training. “What Would You Do?” is a long-running ABC television program hosted by John Quiñones. A hidden camera records the public’s response to actors who engage in conflict, unethical or illegal activity. The scene is staged, but half the people don’t know it. Afterward, John

During this pandemic, dare to be aware

There’s no need for paranoia,but an alert outlook could protect you and those you love. These are uncertain times – even unprecedented for many of us. But with a cool head, we’ll get through them. With that said, there are challenges. Potential dangers When we’re tested, we find out what’s inside. Sometimes we’re surprised at

Strategos Security Minute: Overcoming Normalcy Bias

In a crisis, our denial instinct can lead to death. How do we rise above it? What’s wrong with being normal? Nothing, if things are indeed normal. Normalcy bias is a deadly psychological coping mechanism that leads us to deny clear threats to our life and safety. Gunshots are dismissed as fireworks, bullets, and blood

It’s a new year: Resolve to be more secure

Abstractions won’t work. You need a specific list of goals. I’m not a fanatic when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. But I am zealous about security. And there’s no better time than now to improve it. It just happens to be the beginning of a new year. There’s no better time for a fresh start. It

Have yourself a safe and secure Christmas and holiday season

You don’t have to be an Ebenezer Scrooge to protect yourself and your family during the holiday season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but some people are naughty, not nice. So pay attention to your surroundings, checking them twice. You don’t have to be a Grinch – just keep one eye open.

Attacks on military bases prove active shooter violence can happen anywhere

If an armed assailant can successfully kill people at a heavily armed U.S. installation, then no one is without risk. It’s easy to shrug our shoulders at reports of shootings and attacks. Because they happen so frequently, they can become merely background noise in our lives, leading to complacency. “What can we do?” “At least

Notice Your Surroundings and Dare to Be Aware

In our age of digital distraction and mass violence, awareness may be more important than ever. “Good situational awareness involves being aware both consciously and subconsciously of what’s happening around you while going about your day (or night) as usual. Relax, enjoy yourself, and be aware.” – Kat Ainsworth In our age of digital devices,