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Strategos Security Minute: Overcoming Normalcy Bias

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In a crisis, our denial instinct can lead to death. How do we rise above it?

What’s wrong with being normal? Nothing, if things are indeed normal. Normalcy bias is a deadly psychological coping mechanism that leads us to deny clear threats to our life and safety. Gunshots are dismissed as fireworks, bullets, and blood as high school dramas and mass killings as pyrotechnics. Recognizing normalcy bias is the first step. And our abilities to cope and respond can be enhanced by training. Strategos’ President Vaughn Baker explains the keys to overcoming normalcy bias.

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Vaughn Baker

Vaughn Baker is president of Strategos International, a Kansas City, Mo., -based firm that provides security training, consulting and executive protection services. Baker has 20 years of experience in law enforcement including patrol, investigation, SWAT and special operations. He has trained thousands of school, health care, government, law enforcement and military personnel in security practices. Baker has also developed a specialized intruder response curriculum for schools and churches, including some of the nation’s leading training on behavior pattern recognition.

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