High-Risk Termination Services for Corporations

High-Risk Terminations

Practices for assessing, planning, and conducting upcoming terminations

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  • Objective risk level determinations and mitigation planning for corporate organizations
  • High-risk termination policy development
  • Corporate workplace violence prevention security recommendations

Leading Practices for High-Risk Terminations

Employee terminations present a number of challenges for both the party delivering the termination and for the party receiving the information. It's a stressful situation as is, but adding to those existing stressors is the anxiety that comes with not knowing how an employee will react to the situation. Eliminate fear of the unknown by turning to Strategos International and our industry-leading high-risk termination services for corporations.

Why Work With Strategos?

Impartial Training

Our consultation services will provide organizations with the ability to determine objectively if an upcoming termination is “high-risk."

Individual Empowerment

Partnering with Strategos International eliminates fear and anxiety within organizations by empowering professionals to make educated decisions that increase their response capability in high-risk situations.


Since 2002 Strategos has trained, consulted, and protected over 300,000 corporate, government, school, faith-based, law enforcement and military professionals in over 15 countries globally.

High Risk Termination Services For Corporations

Strategos International offers a number of different solutions for leaders and supervisors undergoing corporate high-risk termination training. Participants can expect to receive education in all of the following areas:

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How it Works

Through Strategos International's high-risk termination consulting services, organizational leaders and supervisors will gain the ability to objectively determine whether or not an upcoming termination qualifies as "high-risk." At the same time, each person will gain a comprehensive understanding of best practices for assessing, planning, and conducting a high-risk termination. Key topics for these services include:

  • Objective risk level determinations
  • Mitigation planning
  • High-risk termination policy development
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • And security recommendations

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Frequently Asked Questions

The primary goal of Strategos International’s corporate high-risk termination services is to prepare and educate organizational leaders on how to manage existing stressors while mitigating potential risks.

We’ve engaged in high-risk termination consulting services for organizations of varying sizes and industries across the United States. We have offices located in Missouri, Texas, and Florida, which makes us strategically positioned to provide an immediate response for your safety and security needs all throughout the country.

The primary driver of fear and anxiety within many people, regardless of their organization, is not knowing what to do when the unthinkable occurs. Partnering with Strategos International eliminates fear through education and empowerment. We help people by giving them the knowledge and tools to increase their response capability in the unlikely event that workplace violence occurs. Additionally, our training and services can help organizations decrease their liability exposure.