School Protection Specialist Services for Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Schools


Unmatched Security for Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Schools: Meet Strategos Protection Specialists

Dallas-Fort Worth Schools, Are You Truly Secure?

In today’s changing environment, traditional DFW School Safety Measures just aren’t enough. Especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, where law enforcement agencies are 20-30% understaffed, limiting the availability of School Resource Officers. That’s where Strategos School Protection Specialists come in as the next best alternative. We offer a premium level of 24/7 armed school security services, uniquely designed for educational settings in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Why Partner with Strategos?

When you choose Strategos for your Dallas-Fort Worth School Security Solutions, you’re choosing over 20 years of experience in the field. Our Strategos School Protection Specialists undergo 30 days of intense training, including 40 hours of “School Resource Officer” training. They’re not just Armed School Guards in Dallas; they’re highly trained protective response professionals equipped to provide School Resource Officer services.

Who is This For?
  • Public Schools: Elevate your Dallas school safety standards and ensure a focused learning environment.
  • Private Schools: Offer parents peace of mind with unmatched Fort Worth student safety services.
  • Universities and Colleges: Safeguard your campuses in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including residential areas, with our armed security services.
  • Administrative Buildings: Protect valuable assets and staff with DFW Campus Security Experts.
The Urgent Need for DFW-Specific Armed Security

Dallas-Fort Worth is not just any metroplex; it’s a bustling hub of activities and opportunities. This comes with its own unique set of challenges, risks, and threats, necessitating the need for Dallas armed security services that are a cut above the rest.

The Strategos Advantage: A Quick Guide for Dallas-Fort Worth Schools

Security Guard


  • Budget-Friendly: Minimal impact on district budget
  • Insurance: Provided by the retained security company


  • Limited Training: Minimal training & background checks
  • High Turnover: Low compensation & minimal benefits result in high turnover
  • Minimal Capabilities: Limited protective & response capability
  • Low ROI: Minimal return on investment in emergencies
  • No SRO Training: No School Resource Officer training or mentorship
  • No Staff Training: Cannot train school personnel on violent event responses
  • Limited Deterrence: Low deterrent effect due to these limitations


Strategos School Protection Specialist


  • Highly Trained: 30 days of intense training, including 40 hours of Dallas School Resource Officer Alternative training.
  • Top-Grade Equipment: Lethal & less-lethal response capabilities
  • Thorough Vetting: In-depth background checks, polygraphs, and psychological tests
  • Quality Compensation: Good pay and benefits reduce turnover
  • Insurance Coverage: Specialists are covered, reducing client liability
  • SRO Trained: Can act as de facto School Resource Officers
  • Wide Response Capabilities: Can respond to Emergency Response for Dallas Schools
  • Staff Training: Capable of training school staff
  • High ROI: Highest return on investment for Fort Worth schools


  • Budget Impact: Could be a significant investment for budget-constrained schools


What Sets Us Apart?

Strategos Protection Specialists are more than just armed security guards; they’re integrated members of the DFW school communities they serve. They empower staff through certified emergency active shooter response training, serving as mentors, guardians, and first responders in one package.

Time to Take Action, Dallas-Fort Worth Schools

Your students’ safety is non-negotiable. Level up your school security today with the best armed security services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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