Fire Investigation Services

Fire Origin & Cause

Investigation of fire and explosion-related incidents

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  • Discover where, how, and why a fire has occurred
  • Performed by Certified Fire Investigators
  • Professionals utilize wide-ranging field experience

Comprehensive Fire Investigation Services

Facility fires can cause untold amounts of loss and devastation for the individuals and organizations they affect. Though priority number one is always the safety of all human life involved, questions will need answering once the shock of the incident has died down. Strategos International helps organizations answer those questions by connecting them with highly skilled Certified Fire Investigators (CFI)—who provide a comprehensive analysis of the situation to determine fire origin and cause.

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We've served over 10,000 clients, and our investigators are current or former federal agents or state and municipal law enforcement professionals with extensive experience.


Many of the organizations that depend on us are repeat or referral clients, speaking to the quality of the investigative services performed by our professionals.


We're passionate about reducing fear and anxiety. Everybody deserves to feel safe and secure, and part of that involves using expert solutions and education to ensure the security of people, assets, and organizations.

Insurance Investigation Services

Utilizing the expertise of our investigation professionals, Strategos International is able to provide a multitude of services for different affected parties. This allows us to offer comprehensive and strategic solutions that protect your team, your organization, and your brand. Our services include:

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How It Works

Our Certified Fire Investigators apply relevant field experience gained from working in fire marshal offices, bomb squads, and arson investigation units. This allows them to document the scene and collect evidence, while also analyzing burn patterns and providing expert witness testimony. All of these factors are taken into consideration in order to deliver a comprehensive report of the incident, which will reveal the origin of the fire and assess liability to the party or parties responsible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimately, outcomes can vary widely in terms of who or what is responsible for a fire, as well as what happens after the fact. In the event of arson, intentional explosion, or severe negligence the next step would likely involve a criminal investigation. If safety standards or codes were found to be violated during the incident, it may result in significant fines or penalties.

While no one necessarily wants to engage in fire investigation services, they can help provide a sense of closure by determining the cause of the incident. It can also help all affected parties, from the organization to the individuals, gain a better understanding of what potential risk mitigation strategies they can undertake in the future.

Yes. Our insurance fraud investigators are capable of providing services in all 50 states and internationally. We have offices located in Missouri, Texas, and Florida, which makes us strategically positioned to provide an immediate response.