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Protection & Security Services for Disaster Response

Protection response for natural/man-made disasters
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Maintain Order in Times of Unrest

Disasters have a ripple effect—from natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, fires, and earthquakes to intentional or inadvertent man-made disasters such as car crashes, hazardous waste spills, active shooters, and more. And while you ultimately can't predict their location or level of impact, you can control how your organization responds. That's why Stategos International has worked to become a globally trusted security partner in providing advanced disaster response services.

Why Partner With Strategos?


Strategos International has provided protection and security services for over 20 years, affording us the capability to design and execute an effective disaster relief plan.

Rapid Response

With three locations across the United States and hundreds of professionally trained protection specialists at our disposal, Strategos can provide an immediate response through rapid deployment.

24/7 Availability

Staffing is handled from a single source to provide access to a 24/7 security team, regardless of your location in the United States or abroad.

How It Works

Working closely with client leadership, our consultants will develop a customized, scalable plan of action based on the situation at hand regardless of your location. Our disaster response services involve utilizing a single source to staff 24/7 security teams—each capable of serving both individual facilities or multiple locations across the country or internationally, if needed. By implementing strategies rooted in proven risk assessment and threat mitigation protocols, we can ensure calmness and clarity in even the most unpredictable circumstances. 

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How We Help

Strategos International partners with allied security professionals capable of assisting organizations with advanced preparation strategies. Through carefully designed plans, our seasoned experts provide disaster response services that bring peace of mind to businesses, employees, and families. Our services have provided guidance scenarios such as:

  • Natural disasters
  • Man-made disasters
  • Humanitarian emergency management missions
  • Immigration emergencies
  • Public unrest
  • Protests & riots

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Frequently Asked Questions

Disaster response situations are unpredictable, both in the locations they occur and in the level of public unrest that the impact can cause. demonstration of public unrest may have is unpredictable. The primary benefit of partnering with Strategos International is the assurance that your business, employees, and all associated families have an experienced team offering protection services with unwavering calmness and clarity.

Strategos has the capability to provide rapid deployment of our disaster response field agents in the event an organization needs immediate or emergency services.

Yes. Strategos has over 500 professional contractors in the U.S. and globally to provide a concierge level of disaster response protection solutions to clients around the world.