From Civilian To Law Enforcement

WE offer The Most Elite Training & Protective Services In The Country

From churches, schools, corporate and healthcare to military and law enforcement.  We offer the most sought after protective services, training and consulting in the country.

What’s Your Mission?

CHurch Protection

We have over a dozen trainings to help you equip and prepare your congregation against the threat of an armed or unarmed intruder.

Personal Protection

From a single VIP, to an event of 40,000 people; we have the expertise and resources to accomplish whatever protection requirements you have.

School Protection

Since 2002 we have trained more than 30,000 educators  to respond to an intruder.  Click here to see how we can help you prepare your facilities and staff.

Business Protection

In serving businees we are proud to offer intruder response training, consulting and security planning or protective services.

Healthcare Protection

Our healthcare consulting and workplace violence training  have served some of the largest providers in the country.

Military & law enforcement

We are proud to be the leading provider of tactical training and consulting services for law enforcement, miltary and security professionals.
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Why Choose Us?

Since 2002 we have been proud to build a reputation as being the best at what we do in the following areas:

Intruder Response Training And Consulting

Since 2002 we have trained more than 150,000 schools, churches and businesses in preparing for the unexpected.  Our trainings have received some of the highest ratings ever given with a division of the Department Of Homeland Security giving us a 4.9 out of 5 stars after reviewing one of our programs.

Protection Services

From a single V.I.P. to an event with 40,000 people, we have a proven track record of providing elite protection services to both individuals and major corporations.


Surveillance & Investigative Services

As a full-service private investigation firm, our investigators are veteran law enforcement and military professionals.   We operate we serve attorneys, insurance companies, the general public and businesses of all sizes.


Tactical Training For LAw Enforcement, Military & Security Professionals

Our tactical training is considered by many to be considered the best in the country.
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