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Strategos International has helped train over 300,000 individuals across 15 countries and has proudly provided services to countless faith-based organizations. Guided by strong principles rooted in the Christian faith, our protection professionals deliver training, consulting, and protection services to ensure everyone—regardless of their beliefs—maintains their right to worship safely.
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Worship Safely Even in Uncertainty

The responsibility of church safety falls with everyone, from church leadership and staff all the way down to ushers and volunteers. It's only through this covenant that faith-based organizations can create a refuge for people to grow in their faith. As an organization dedicated to serving God and spreading his love to all people, Strategos International steadfastly provides church safety training services to ensure that all people, regardless of their beliefs, remain safe from harm.

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Through education and empowerment, Strategos International can help reduce fear within your organization and provide solutions to potential crisis-related problems. Get started today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, we want to communicate very clearly that we believe ALL people, whether faith-based, secular, agnostic, or otherwise, have a right to either worship or gather with freedom from threat(s)— and do so safely and without interruption. Everyone has the right to believe what they wish to believe, and the below is simply a statement of what we believe.

Our philosophy in providing a safe and secure church, or other faith-based organizations and worship environments, is to do so without compromising the core mission of our ministry. We define the core mission of most ministries as providing an atmosphere of comfort, refuge, worship, and learning.

Decisions regarding safety and security preparations should be filtered through your church or organization’s core mission. In other words, those involved in our safety and security efforts should continually ask themselves, “Is the decision we are about to make a compromise or amplify our core mission?”

Strategos International firmly believes that fear comes from people not understanding what tools, capabilities, or resources are available to them. The primary objective of all church safety training services available through Strategos International is to educate and empower personnel—from leadership and staff to lay leaders and volunteers—to take action and prevail through any crisis they may find themselves in. We do this by ensuring that all of our courses fall into one or more of the 3 phases of preparedness: Prevention, Response, and Post-Incident.

We’ve worked with a broad range of faith-based organizations of varying sizes across the United States to engage in church safety training. We have offices located in Missouri, Texas, and Florida, which strategically positions us to provide immediate responses for your safety and security needs all throughout the country.