Roy Harryman

During this pandemic, dare to be aware

There’s no need for paranoia,but an alert outlook could protect you and those you love. These are uncertain times – even unprecedented for many of us. But with a cool head, we’ll get through them. With that said, there are challenges. Potential dangers When we’re tested, we find out what’s inside. Sometimes we’re surprised at

Church security should extend to church finances

Churches must prevent fraud

Churches give billions to missions.But more than that is stolen from them through fraud. Put this in the “read it and weep file.” Then get angry. Then do something about it. A report from Brotherhood Mutual says churches and Christian organizations are expected to have lost more than $68 billion through financial fraud last year

Have yourself a safe and secure Christmas and holiday season

You don’t have to be an Ebenezer Scrooge to protect yourself and your family during the holiday season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but some people are naughty, not nice. So pay attention to your surroundings, checking them twice. You don’t have to be a Grinch – just keep one eye open.

How can our church be secure yet welcoming?

Part 1 in our video series, “7 Questions (and Answers!) About Church Security” Churches around the world are grappling with how to create a secure environment while maintaining their community-minded mission. Barry Young, vice president of operations for Strategos International, addresses this problem. It’s the first in our series, “7 Questions (and Answers!) About Church

Strategos in the news: Church security from “Band-Aids to bullets.”

FOX24 of Fayetteville, Ark., reported on our church security training “from the parking lot to the pulpit, and Band-Aids to bullets.” “The presentation was put on for everyone from church greeters to those in leadership, and discussed how to identify suspicious behavior and respond to threats. It also provided an overview of lockdown procedures and

Notice Your Surroundings and Dare to Be Aware

In our age of digital distraction and mass violence, awareness may be more important than ever. “Good situational awareness involves being aware both consciously and subconsciously of what’s happening around you while going about your day (or night) as usual. Relax, enjoy yourself, and be aware.” – Kat Ainsworth In our age of digital devices,

Countering Critics of School Active Shooter Training

Strategos’ Mark Warren responds to those who say security training isn’t worth it. As school active shooter training has grown in prominence, critics have begun raising their voices. They’re concerned about causing unnecessary anxiety – even trauma. Others object to heavy-handed tactics. And a few say the training doesn’t work. School’s been back in session

Church Security Training for Seminary, Bible College and Ministry Students

Strategos is offering a new course to bridge a gap in ministry education. Aspiring pastors and ministry workers study systematic theology, hermeneutics, church law and many other vital topics. But one that is almost universally overlooked is church security. What event could be more impactful than an armed attacker disrupting a church service, youth camp

Security firms join forces in an era of active shooters

Strategos International and Clarence M. Kelley & Associates are combining decades of experience to safeguard clients in an increasingly dangerous age. Dayton. El Paso. Virginia Beach. The factor tying these cities together is not summer tourist traffic but mass shootings and more than 40 deaths in 2019. Global terror has become domestic. Businesses view workplace