The Strategos Team

Strategos International is led by veterans of law enforcement, the U.S. military, private security and education. We have diverse experience serving businesses, schools, churches and law enforcement. Strategos staff speak and train worldwide and are frequently sought out by regional and national media for expert commentary on active shooters, terrorism and crisis response.

Vaughn Baker



Vaughn Baker is president of Strategos International, a Kansas City, Mo.,-based firm that provides security training, consulting and executive protection services.

Baker has 20 years of experience in law enforcement including patrol, investigation, SWAT and special operations. He has trained thousands of school, health care, government, law enforcement and military personnel in security practices. Baker has also developed specialized intruder response curriculum for schools and churches, including some of the nation’s leading training on behavior pattern recognition. He is the author of The Church Security Handbook and, with Mark Warren, Active Threat.

In addition, he served as deputy director of training and as an instructor for the Surefire Institute, a California-based tactical lighting manufacturer and tactical training company.

He is also the director of security for a church of more than 7,500 in the Kansas City area, a position he has held for more than a decade.

Mark Warren

Executive Vice President


Mark Warren is a former law enforcement officer in multiple jurisdictions including the Blue Springs, Mo., Police Department, where he finished his career with the rank of sergeant. He also served as an undercover officer for the Jackson County Drug Task Force. Before joining civilian law enforcement, he served in the  U.S. Army as a military police officer. He has trained thousands of students through Strategos, the Surefire Institute and the Western Missouri Public Safety Institute.

Nick Spencer

Vice President Of Operations

Nick Spencer is a lead instructor and Vice President of Operations for Strategos International. Nick began his career with the U.S. Army, where he served as a team leader for a tactical PSYOP team. During his 8-year enlistment, Nick obtained the rank of E6, Staff Sargent. He served in peacekeeping operations in Bosnia and spent 14 months in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

After his enlistment, Nick served the Blue Springs (Mo.) Police Department, where he spent seven years in patrol.  Nick was also a member of the department’s tactical team and was the training coordinator and a lead instructor.

Barry Young

Vice President Of Church Security / Chaplaincy


Barry Young has dedicated his life to helping churches improve security. He has been the director of security at two churches in the Kansas City area and is a chaplain for the Independence, Mo., Police Department. He’s also a black belt in Sho-Lum-Tae Karate. Barry’s goal is for every church in the United States to have a comprehensive security plan and team that goes from the parking lot to the pulpit.

Todd Burke

Manager – Firearms Training Division


Todd Burke has served for 35-years as a police officer, firefighter, and paramedic in both career and volunteer capacities as a line officer, supervisor, and chief officer.  He holds a wide variety of certifications and instructor’s credentials, he is a Certified Police Specialist and Generalist Instructor with the Missouri Department of Public Safety, he has had numerous articles published in professional journals, and he has offered expert witness testimony in high-profile felony and capital crime prosecutions.  Todd helps organizations and individuals realize their training needs and objectives and then exceed those requirements with a cadre of talented and experienced staff.

Steve Anderson

Director Of School Safety And Security Solutions

Prior to joining Strategos, Steve served 38 years as a teacher, coach and administrator in Arkansas public schools.  The last 13 years he served as superintendent of the state’s 20th largest district.  Throughout his administrative career, he made school safety and security his number one priority and has made many presentations on school security.  His school district was visited by the President’s Commission on School Safety due to it’s unique approach to school safety & security.  In addition to other school leadership responsibilities, Steve served as a Commissioned School Security Officer in the district for 17 years.

 His positive experience as a satisfied repeat Strategos Client led him to join the Strategos Team after his retirement in 2019. His role is to help schools identify ways to improve safety & security through staff training and assessing campus security.

Steven Svestka

Director of Operations


Steven Svestka has over 20 years Police, Marine Corps and Protective Security Experience, primarily with the State Police in Arizona (AZDPS) and in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Steve served for approximately 13 years as a Police Officer, seven of which were on the departments SWAT team. During his enlistment, he served as a reconnaissance team leader in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Steve served as a Law Enforcement Professional / Police Advisor, working with U.S and N.A.T.O forces in support of Operation Enduring Freedom throughout Afghanistan in 2013-2014.

Steve has attended thousands of training hours, including Tier 1 training, and achieved instructor status in numerous areas, including state-wide Active Shooter instructor across Arizona.


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