Workplace Violence

As a leading authority on workplace violence, here we lend our expertise in workplace violence training and consulting.

When domestic Violence Becomes Workplace Violence

Relational conflict can explode into any environment. Be ready. A Minnesota man, age 61, was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison for a shooting at a gas station. So far it sounds routine, albeit disturbing. But if you continue, there’s more to the story than a run-of-the-mill holdup. The intruder blasted worker Kenneth Eckstein

Security firms join forces in an era of active shooters

Strategos International and Clarence M. Kelley & Associates are combining decades of experience to safeguard clients in an increasingly dangerous age. Dayton. El Paso. Virginia Beach. The factor tying these cities together is not summer tourist traffic but mass shootings and more than 40 deaths in 2019. Global terror has become domestic. Businesses view workplace

Vaughn Baker shares active shooter survival tips on KMBC News

The president of Strategos says response plans must be simple so they can succeed under extreme stress. From the report: “An expert in teaching people how to defend themselves in an active shooter situation says more can be done to deal with the attacks. “Vaughn Baker said the latest attacks reflect the most common types

Vaughn Baker: Using Data to Know Your Adversary

With two mass shootings in two days, the U.S. Secret Service’s report on active shooters is extremely relevant. In this interview, Strategos President Vaughn Baker discussed recent events, the Secret Service’s mass attacks report, and its implications for making workplaces, churches, and schools more secure. Wanting More Information On Intruder Response & Active Shooter Training?

Roundup of Active Shooter Statistics

Key documents from government agencies and researchers to aid understanding of the risks of workplace and public violence. Sometimes it’s hard to separate fact from fiction in the media storm that follows shooting events. Here is a repository of public reports that document the threat of active shooters, workplace violence and mass attacks. Please Contact

Active Shooter Report: Awareness and Action Save Lives

Strategos has created a 90-second video overview of the Secret Service’s key findings. The U.S. Secret Service released its report, “Mass Attacks in Public Spaces – 2018” in July of 2019. It examines the shooters’ ages, gender, motivations, psychological and criminal background and more. The report helps protectors understand their adversary and emphasizes the importance

Strategos’ Mark Warren to industry group: Workplace violence can happen to you

The organization’s executive VP spoke to the Truckload Carriers Association on reducing the risk of on-the-job attacks. Mark Warren, executive vice president of Strategos International, encouraged a transportation industry group to prepare for and strive to prevent workplace violence. While denial is the predominant response, it must be overcome. “There is always some level of

Interview: Security Blankets or Security Solutions?

Strategos’ Mark Warren evaluates bulletproof backpacks, bulletin boards and panic buttons. In the aftermath of school shootings, many new “security” products are flooding the market. They’re being quickly swept up by parents and schools. But will they make students and teachers safer? In this interview, Mark Warren, executive VP of Strategos, addresses the topic “Bulletproof

At work, it’s better to be safe than to feel safe

A secure place of business is a hard-won reality that can never be taken for granted. It’s great to feel safe at work. But safety isn’t a feeling. It’s a hard-earned reality. A recent human resources report provides valuable insight into the workplace and violence. One of its most widely-reported findings is that only 1