Church Security Firearms Training

Firearms & Tactical Training

Maintain a peaceful place of worship

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  • Armed training designed for church security personnel
  • Includes active shooter response training and instructor-level training courses
  • Firearms training solutions for civilian protectors and organizations
  • Additional firearm and tactical training courses included

Protecting the Right to Gather Without Threat Or Interruption

Strategos International provides tactical training and church security firearms training protection specialists within both individual churches and faith-based organizations. Offering over 20 years of experience providing global security and safety training services, our courses have been developed through decades of hands-on education, experience, and client feedback. Through customized training opportunities based on client needs, challenges, and principles, we present a wide range of high-threat environment solutions.

Why Work With Strategos?

Proven Techniques

Our firearm and tactical training strategies have been developed through years of hands-on education, experience, and client feedback.

Flexibility & Scalability

Strategies and content are presented in a manner that is principle-based and designed to be customizable depending on the client’s unique requirements.


Strategos has trained, consulted, and protected over 300,000 professionals in over 15 countries globally— a significant portion of which have included church and faith-based organization security personnel.

Who We Serve

Our high-threat environment solutions are based in real-world scenarios and are applicable to security protection officials within churches and faith-based organizations. Strategos International provides a number of professional, on-site firearm and tactical training opportunities, including:

4-hr TAF Course (Firearms Training)

Advanced First Aid

Crisis Management

Compliance Control

Tactical Firearms (3-Gun) Instructor Course

Tactical Rifle Instructor Course

Tactical Pistol Training

Tactical Pistol & Rifle Training

Tactical Pistol & Shotgun Training

Less Lethal Instructor Level Training

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How It Works

Strategos International will begin by meeting with leaders within your faith-based organization. Developed through decades of hands-on education, experience, and client feedback, we offer the capability to customize each service to the client's unique requirements.

The primary objective for those engaging in tactical and church security firearm training is to present principle-based safety, security, and protection content—specifically in a manner that emphasizes preparedness through proper knowledge and ethics. Through this approach, we educate and empower individuals to respond decisively to potential threats.

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Through education and empowerment, Strategos International can help reduce fear within your organization and provide solutions to potential crisis-related problems. Get started today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our advanced-level tactical training courses are designed for church security officials and other faith-based organization personnel who operate within high-threat environments.

Absolutely. Strategos International maintains an unwavering commitment to serving our clients according to our core values of Excellence, Synergy, Integrity, and Humility. We will never compromise our safety and security ministry mission or the ministry mission of our clients. This ensures that all of our training strategies will be designed within the boundaries of a church or faith-based organization’s core mission and culture.

Yes. Strategos International has the ability to deliver our training courses in a format that is both flexible and scalable at one or multiple client facilities simultaneously.