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With 3 locations in the United States in Missouri, Texas, and Florida, our team of experienced protection experts has the unique capability to provide immediate responses for organizations across the United States and internationally. Strategos International is capable of providing safety and security policy development services for:

Procedures & Protocols Tailored For Your Organization

Part of our protection consulting services, Strategos International offers the capability to help clients ensure that they have the proper policies in place to safeguard both individuals and organizational assets. Working directly with client leadership, our highly experienced protection experts provide comprehensive, customizable safety and security policy development for organizations within a variety of industries regardless of size.

Why Work With Strategos?


Working with everything from multi-national corporations to local school districts and faith-based organizations, Strategos International is uniquely equipped to provide safety and security policy development services.


Strategos is capable of working with organizational leadership to develop safety and security policies that are flexible to the unique needs of clients and their industries.


Our protection experts take steps to ensure that our policy recommendations do not compromise the core values, mission, and culture of an organization.

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How It Works

In accordance with liability reduction and OSHA’s General Duty Clause Compliance, all organizations are required to develop "due diligence preparedness." This means that all organizations must demonstrate a reasonable effort to prevent harm to others prior to the event occurring. To fit within these parameters, Strategos International will work with organizational leadership to develop customized written plan(s), staff trainings, and interval drilling/exercises.

From reviewing and modifying existing policies to developing new policies and procedures from scratch, our highly trained protection experts can help ensure the immediate and long-term protection of organizations.

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Through expertise and education, Strategos International can help clients mitigate risk and remain protected from threats within their organization. Get started today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Strategos has developed policy and procedure manuals related to school safety and security for over 15 years. In addition to developing safety and security manuals from scratch, we can assist your district in reviewing existing policies related to all types of natural hazards, crisis events,  security concerns, and hazard crisis events.

Many organizations do not have a comprehensive program related to workplace violence, leading to increased confusion as well as increased fear and anxiety among professionals. Our expert team can assist you in developing a written Workplace Violence Program that’s both comprehensive and customizable, and includes the following:

  • WPV Program Document
  • WPV Program Policy
  • Domestic Violence Policy
  • High-Risk Termination Policy
  • Intruder Response Policy w/ Floorplan Callouts
  • WPV Incident Report Form
  • Employee WPV Hazard Assessment
  • Personal Conduct to Minimize Violence Handout
  • Warning Signs of Escalating Behavior Handout

Working with Strategos International to develop organizational policies and procedures helps ensure that organizations take the necessary steps to mitigate risk from internal and external threats. By assessing current organizational risks and reviewing internal policies and procedures with highly experienced professionals, clients are able to develop and execute real-world threat mitigation that ensures the immediate and long-term protection of their organization.