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Strategos International provides a broad range of protection, security, and bodyguard services to both individuals and organizations across the US and internationally. Working with our team offers the benefit of partnering with experienced, highly trained professionals who have provided services for individuals, groups, events, assets, facilities, and more.

Strategies That Save Lives

Every person deserves the right to feel safe and secure at their job. However, the reality is that workplace violence has steadily risen and now affects thousands of individuals and organizations each year. As the nation's leader in workplace violence preparedness and response mitigation, Strategos International helps eliminate fear within organizations through comprehensive education provided by highly trained protection professionals.

Why Work With Strategos?


Since 2002, Strategos has trained, consulted, and protected over 300,000 corporate, government, school, faith-based, law enforcement, and military professionals in over 15 countries globally.


Our organization contracts over 500 highly trained protection professionals. This uniquely positions us to provide an appropriate number of staff on location, when you need us. 


Integrity is at the core of what we do, and our services will never compromise our own values or the values of those we serve.

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How It Works

Strategos International firmly believes that fear comes from people not understanding what tools, capabilities, or resources are available to them. Working closely with organizational leadership, our protection professionals can design and execute workplace violence prevention and mitigation strategies—each flexible and scalable to individual organizational needs and challenges.

Using a wide range of real-world training courses and/or consulting and protection and services, our instructors will equip individuals with the knowledge needed to feel prepared and empowered to handle a crisis situation.

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Through education and empowerment, Strategos International can help reduce fear within your organization and provide solutions to potential crisis-related problems. Get started today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Assault is one of the leading causes of workplace deaths; nearly 38,000 people suffered non-fatal injuries because of workplace violence. It’s also important to note that these statistics only track reported cases of workplace violence, and that violence can take on more forms than just physical or sexual assault. Workplace violence training can be an essential tool for helping those within your organization in the unlikely event they or your organization experiences a crisis situation.

Strategos helps mitigate potential threats of workplace violence through three primary services categories:

  • Consulting – includes physical security and behavior risk assessments, workplace violence manual/policy development, life safety special event planning, high-risk termination mitigation planning, reduction in force (layoffs) initiative planning, and labor strike planning.
  • Training – includes active shooter in-person training, E-learning and virtual reality training, behavior risk assessment introduction training, leading practices for high-risk terminations, workplace violence training, and conflict management & de-escalation training.
  • Protection – includes high-risk termination protection, workplace violence mitigation protection, VIP/C-suite executive protection, reduction in force executive protection as well as high-risk travel protection solutions for VIPs and C-suite executives

We’ve worked with organizations of a variety of sizes and industries across the United States on workplace violence training, as well as offering protection for high-risk terminations, security after a crisis, travel protection, facility audits, and more. We have offices located in Missouri, Texas, and Florida, which makes us strategically positioned to provide immediate responses for your safety and security needs.