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Covert insurance fraud surveillance

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  • Covertly surveillance and documentation of targeted activities using highly advanced equipment
  • Confirm facts and gather information to help inform decisions, design strategy, and manage risk
  • High-quality surveillance results through extensive training and field experience

Stop Insurance Fraud At Its Source

Organizational fraud is one of the most costly issues facing companies of all sizes today. What makes it so hard to stop is that organizations face both internal and external threats in the form of worker's compensation fraud, internal theft, and retail loss. Strategos International helps organizations mitigate the monetary losses of fraud through expert field operatives that perform insurance fraud surveillance services across the country and internationally.

Why Work With Strategos?


We've served over 10,000 clients, and our investigators are current or former federal agents or state and municipal law enforcement professionals with extensive experience.


Many of the organizations that depend on us are repeat or referral clients, speaking to the quality of the investigative services performed by our professionals.


Strategos International's seasoned surveillance investigators are experienced in gathering evidence even in the most difficult circumstances.

Insurance Investigation Services

Utilizing the expertise of our investigation professionals, Strategos International is able to provide a multitude of services for different affected parties. This allows us to offer comprehensive and strategic solutions that protect your team, your organization, and your brand. Our services include:

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How It Works

Strategos International will deploy its seasoned field operatives to client locations to engage in specified insurance fraud surveillance services. Utilizing the most advanced equipment available, the primary goal of our approach is to confirm case facts and gather all necessary information—which helps clients make informed decisions, design strategies, and manage risk.

Even in the most difficult circumstances, our team is capable of performing covert surveillance and documentation of targeted activities—which would normally go undetected—in order to report our findings from the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We produce high-quality surveillance results by utilizing the most advanced equipment and by engaging the most highly trained and experienced field operatives available. This experience also affords us the unique capability to obtain surveillance in even the most difficult circumstances.

When properly designed and implemented, surveillance investigation services through Strategos International can translate into significant cost savings measures—primarily by preventing further loss that may have gone undetected. Additionally, our findings can help organizations make the necessary strategy implementation and risk mitigation decisions to protect their organization in the long term.

Yes. We perform these services in all 50 states and internationally. We have offices located in Missouri, Texas, and Florida, which makes us strategically positioned to provide an immediate response.