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Strategos International has helped train over 300,000 individuals across 15 countries, serving everyone from multinational corporations and Fortune 10 Companies to small companies and nonprofit organizations. Our protection professionals adapt our workplace violence training, consulting, or protection services to the unique needs of our clients—ensuring that the solutions we deliver do not compromise your organization's core mission or values.
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Workplace violence affects thousands of people and, subsequently, organizations across the United States every year. Understandably, people feel fear and anxiety that stems from not knowing whether they'll be affected next—or what they'll do if the situation arises.

Working with organizations across the country, Strategos International ensures the safety of both personnel and property by empowering clients through comprehensive workplace violence training, consulting, and protection services.

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Through education and empowerment, Strategos International can help reduce fear within your organization and provide solutions to potential crisis-related problems. Get started today.
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Assault is one of the leading causes of workplace deaths; nearly 38,000 people suffered non-fatal injuries because of workplace violence. It’s also important to note that these statistics only track reported cases of workplace violence, and that violence can take on more forms than just physical or sexual assault. Workplace violence training can be an essential tool for helping those within your organization in the unlikely event they or your organization experiences a crisis situation.

Strategos International firmly believes that fear comes from people not understanding what tools, capabilities, or resources are available to them. The primary benefit of receiving workplace violence training from Strategos International is that we educate and empower personnel to take action and prevail through any crisis they may find themselves in. We do this by ensuring that all of our courses fall into one or more of the 3 phases of preparedness: Prevention, Response and Post-Incident.

We’ve worked with organizations of a variety of sizes and industries across the United States on workplace violence training, as well as offering protection for high-risk terminations, security after crisis, travel protection, facility audits, and more. We have offices located in Missouri, Texas and Florida, which makes us strategically positioned to provide immediate response for your safety and security needs.