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Internal Theft

Protecting your people, your profits, and your property

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  • Employee screenings and physical security assessments
  • Full internal undercover investigations as needed
  • Scalable services for both small clinics and large healthcare systems

Helping Healthcare Organizations Protect Their Assets

Internal theft from employees is the fastest-growing crime in America, according to the FBI—with losses totaling roughly $37 billion annually. For healthcare organizations specifically, these added costs can have a direct impact on the quality of care provided to both patients and their families. To help healthcare organizations retain their assets and their profits, Strategos International provides a broad range of internal employee theft prevention and mitigation solutions.

Why Work With Strategos?


We've served over 10,000 clients, and our investigators are current or former federal agents or state and municipal law enforcement professionals with extensive experience.


Many of the organizations that depend on us are repeat or referral clients, speaking to the quality of the investigative services performed by our professionals. 


We're passionate about reducing fear and anxiety. Everybody deserves to feel safe and secure, and part of that involves using expert solutions and education to ensure the security of people, assets, and organizations.

Who We Serve

Utilizing the expertise of our seasoned professionals, Strategos International is able to provide a multitude of services for internal theft prevention and mitigation. Our comprehensive and strategic security solutions protect your team, your organization, and your brand.

We provide these services to all of the following:

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How It Works

The primary goal of partnering with Strategos International for internal theft-related services is to ensure assets within healthcare organizations remain with that organization. Our professional team works closely with leadership to assess situations and gather facts to inform strategic solutions designed to mitigate our clients' specific concerns.

Our team has the ability to provide a range of internal employee theft prevention and mitigation services based on findings obtained from clients. These services can range from employee screenings and physical security assessments to full-scale internal investigations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve provided internal employee theft prevention and mitigation services for corporate and healthcare organizations of all sizes across the globe.

Yes. We can perform any of our internal theft services at client facilities regardless of their location within the United States. We have offices located in Missouri, Texas, and Florida, which makes us strategically positioned to provide an immediate response to your needs.

Beyond the individual experience possessed by our team members, Strategos International has extensive experience providing investigative and protective services to clients—having served over 10,000 clients in both the U.S. and other areas of the globe.