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Protecting schools during and through uncertainty

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  • Active Shooter Intruder Response in person and Online training
  • Physical security assessments for campus and school facilities 
  • Behavior threat assessments for threat mitigation
  • Review, modify, and develop safety and security policies/procedures

Scalable Solutions For Public & Private School Districts

Srategos International regularly serves school districts by providing a broad range of safety and security consulting functions. With experience gained by serving over 50,000 teachers and administrators across the U.S., our seasoned school safety consultants work diligently to provide expert advisory guidance. Most importantly, we deliver proven solutions that eliminate fear within students and staff and ensure that the focus remains on education.

Why Work With Strategos?


As an organization, Srategos International has extensive experience in providing school training, consulting, and protection solutions—having served over 500 school districts.

Fast Response

Partnering with Strategos offers the capability for school protection officers to provide on-scene armed responses within seconds rather than minutes.


Before providing any service, our team takes the time to understand the core values and culture of your school district to ensure that we do not compromise the school's overarching mission.

School Safety Consulting Services

Strategos International's extensive experience in providing school training, consulting, and protection solutions have provided over 500 school districts with protection solutions. Working with our leadership ensures your district gets a protection solution that increases safety and security—without compromising the district's core mission of educating students in uncertain times.

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How It Works

Strategos International's team of experienced safety and security consultants will collaborate with school district leaders to develop flexible, scaleable strategies for guidance. We'll work to understand the specific challenges within the district and utilize a combination of proven techniques and hands-on experience to mitigate existing risks.

Part of these strategies involves performing assessments for both the facility's physical security in addition to individual behavioral risks. We can also engage in school district policy and procedure reviews and provide modifications that reduce risk in a manner consistent with the school's core values and mission.

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Through education and empowerment, Strategos International can help reduce fear within your organization and provide solutions to potential crisis-related problems. Get started today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our services range from facility and behavioral assessments to policy and procedure development, high-risk individual services, and much more.

Partnering with Strategos International school safety consultants helps ensure that districts keep their students, faculty, and administrators as safe as possible while protecting both the facility and its assets. By assessing current risks and reviewing internal policies and procedures with highly experienced professionals, school districts are able to develop and execute relevant threat mitigation strategies—while ensuring the immediate and long-term protection of those within the school.

Beyond providing immediate security and safety enhancements within your school district, consulting with our team helps eliminate fear and anxiety within students, teachers, and administrators. In our experience, fear within individuals stems from a lack of knowledge in not knowing how to handle potential threats and crisis situations. Our services empower all parties to take decisive action to mitigate risk, protect assets, and most importantly, save lives.