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Armed School Protection

Keeping kids safe in Missouri, Texas and Florida with certified school protection specialist services

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  • On-scene armed response in seconds rather than minutes
  • Vetted, drug tested, and extensively trained
  • Eases the burden placed on local law enforcement agencies

Protect Your Community's Most Important Asset

Strategos International is proud to offer armed protection services within the state of Missouri for school districts of all sizes. Our entire team of officers is comprised of highly qualified professionals that have been vetted, drug tested, and extensively trained to protect both students and faculty—acting as both an armed deterrent and as a de-escalation response to internal and external threats.

Why Work With Strategos?


As an organization, Srategos International has extensive experience in providing school training, consulting, and protection solutions—having served over 500 school districts.

Fast Response

Partnering with Strategos offers the capability for school protection officers to provide on-scene armed responses within seconds rather than minutes.


Before providing any service, our team takes the time to understand the core values and culture of your school district to ensure that we do not compromise the school's overarching mission.

Trainings and Services for Educational Organizations

Strategos International's extensive experience in providing school training, consulting, and protection solutions have provided over 500 school districts with protection solutions. Working with our leadership ensures your district gets a protection solution that increases safety and security—without compromising the district's core mission of educating students in uncertain times.

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How It Works

Partnering with Strategos International for school protection specialist services ensures that your school increases safety and security—without compromising the core mission and values of the district. Working closely with district officials, our seasoned protection consultants have the ability to assess facility and behavioral risks within the school and mitigate potential internal and external threats.
This approach, when combined with the ability to provide a highly trained, on-scene armed response in seconds rather than minutes, can reduce the fear and anxiety that parents, staff, and even some students experience.

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Through education and empowerment, Strategos International can help reduce fear within your organization and provide solutions to potential crisis-related problems. Get started today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Although local law enforcement agencies have proven to be successful partners for school resource officer staffing, the demand for these services is only increasing. Some agencies do not have the resources available to provide armed protection officers, presenting an unsustainable challenge. Partnering with Strategos International helps ease the burden placed on local law enforcement agencies and ensures that students, staff, and community members receive the protection they deserve.

Currently, we only offer armed school protection specialist services within the states of Missouri, Texas and Florida.

Yes, we offer armed school protection services for both public and private schools regardless of their size, culture, religious affiliation, or academic mission. Our team believes that no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you believe, every single person deserves to live their life free of fear and anxiety.