Protection & Security Services for Executives

Protection & Security Services for Executives

Concierge-level executive & VIP protection solutions

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Strategos International offers executive protection and bodyguard services for both high-profile and low-profile executives and VIPs. Our team's extensive experience ensures comprehensive risk mitigation for those receiving protection. Whether you need protection during travel, a public event, or within the workplace, our team is ready to be by your side providing service to the highest possible standards.

Why Work With Strategos?


Since 2002, Strategos International has provided services to over 300,000 corporate, government, school, faith-based, law enforcement, and military professionals in over 15 countries globally.


Strategos is capable of providing a broad range of services with courses scalable based on the unique needs of our clients.


Integrity is at the core of what we do, and our services will never compromise our own values or the values of those we serve.

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For Executive Protection

Services for both high-profile & low-profile executives and VIPs

Travel capability via motorcade or aircraft

Armed security officers (ASO) for aircraft flights

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How It Works

Strategos International's range of executive protection services is expansive. Our team is capable of providing security in anything from discreet settings (such as providing protection details for a quiet restaurant) to large/open-air environments like press conferences, riots & protests, and festivals.

Additionally, our security personnel also has the ability to travel with executives and VIPs by both motorcade and aircraft. Our team supplies specially trained armed security officers (ASOs) who are authorized and credentialed by the TSA to provide security during private flights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has a vast amount of experience protecting C-Suite and E-Suite executives, media personalities, athletes, diplomats, and other public figures through our protection, security, and bodyguard services. Our clients range from non-profits, celebrities, and VIPs all the way to Fortune 500 executives.

Partnering with Strategos International helps individuals and organizations reduce fear and anxiety by providing peace of mind that their VIPs will be protected from potential risks and threats.

There are some instances in which an ASO is required by law to be part of a person’s executive protection team. For example, traveling by private flight into Ronald Reagan Washington National (DCA) via any of the designated gateway airports requires an armed security officer (ASO) on board. If you have any questions about whether or not an ASO might be required as part of your services, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team at Strategos International.