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Strategos International acts as third-party physical security consultants to provide an objective, outsider perspective to clients across a variety of organizations. We've conducted numerous facility audits across the U.S. and internationally, giving us substantial experience and expertise. We apply this knowledge and adapt our approach to your specific environment to identify potential threats before they become a liability. Our team performs facility audits for all of the following:

Prevent Threats Before They Occur

The measures needed to ensure safety for organizations and schools are constantly evolving. To ensure the security of people, property, and assets, it's important to regularly evaluate organizational procedures and take steps to mitigate potential internal and external threats. As experienced physical security consultants, Strategos International performs on-site facility audits that ensure the safest possible environment for clients. These audits help clients stay up-to-date on threat assessment, prevention methods and safety devices.

Why Work With Strategos?


Partnering with Strategos allows third-party professionals to utilize experiences from past assessments conducted in schools, churches, and businesses across the US and internationally.


Self-assessments can mean missing important details that leave your organization at risk. As an experienced third-party consultant, we can provide a review that's both comprehensive and objective.


Strategos International starts every facility audit by identifying the goals and objectives of your organization. We take this step to ensure that our recommendations do not compromise the organization's core mission or culture.

Service Highlights

For Facility Audits

Holistic review of existing building construction, access controls, and other functions

Accounts for culture, climate, and core mission of the organization

All hazards facility assessments or Workplace Violence/Active Shooter mitigation-specific assessments

Comprehensive, written reporting of all findings with recommendations included

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How It Works

Our protection professionals start each facility audit by identifying the goals and objectives of your organization. This helps us to tailor the assessment to your needs and better understand your organization's core mission, culture, and climate.

The assessment itself will include a comprehensive review of existing building construction and access controls, in addition to multiple functions related to criminal deterrence and response. Additionally, our team will review all policies, procedures, and programs associated with your organization before making process and hardware recommendations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Strategos physical security consultants can conduct an assessment that is intruder response and workplace violence specific. This assessment includes a report on findings related to access control, visitor management, credential management, safe room identification, and high-risk terminations processes—as well as a workplace violence program review.

A school can benefit from partnering with a physical security consultant for a facility audit in a number of ways. Perhaps the most important benefit is the contemporary security enhancements that our team has the ability to recommend, as most existing schools were not designed with these enhancements. Upgrading a school’s security measures and internal protocols can help mitigate property crime, prevent unauthorized entry of persons, improve notification systems, and more.

Strategos International has proven to be a trusted physical security consultant for numerous organizations across the U.S. and internationally. Our consulting services provide organizations with expert advice on safety, security and leadership development solutions.