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What Makes Our Campus Safety and Security Methods Different

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Nearly a third of K-12 parents are worried about an active shooter at their children’s school.

In this day and age, active shooters are a persistent concern in many parents’ minds. But unfortunately, that isn’t the only danger students may encounter at their place of learning.

Whether it’s an intruder or another student, active threats can manifest themselves anywhere. If you’re a teacher or administrator concerned about the safety of your school, reach out to Strategos International to see how we can help.

Campus safety and security is a big part of what we do, so read on to learn how we can offer you, your coworkers, parents and your students peace of mind.

Who Is Strategos?

If you’re not familiar with Strategos International, you may be wondering what exactly it is we do, and who exactly we are. We offer security services and training to businesses, churches, law enforcement agencies, and schools all around the world.

In a world where an active threat can occur anywhere at any time, you need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. We don’t ever want you to be caught unprepared.

These conversations can make people nervous or uncomfortable, but our team has worked with countless people over the years.

We will do our best to make the training a safe, open environment where people can ask questions and open a dialogue. Our only goal is to foster a safer world for everyone.

A Helping Hand

One of the most valuable services we offer for campus safety and security is a school protection officer.

When there’s already a security guard or police officer on campus, there may be some concerns as to why a school protection officer is needed. But our school protection officers are so much more than a simple security guard.

A part of our Campus Safety and Security services

These armed officers are trained to deal with any active threats directly. They understand the protocol for protecting students while neutralizing the threat.

And while police officers may be called away from your school if their department becomes short-staffed, our protection officers are strictly assigned to your school and won’t be called away for an outside emergency.

If the worst-case scenario occurs and an active threat arises in your school, you want to know that you have a trained professional behind you.

Strong relationships are the foundation of trust. We want everyone at your school—students and faculty alike—to feel like they can put their trust in our officers in the event of an emergency.

Our staff members won’t just stand in the corner while the day goes by. They will get to know everyone at your school, and they will even provide training to staff so they can feel more confident and secure.

But you shouldn’t rely solely on an outside protector like a security officer to protect you, your faculty, and your students if something goes wrong. You need to take extra steps to ensure that everyone on your campus is prepared for an active threat.

The Importance of Good Training

Training is a vital part of our campus safety and security services. Some might assume that they won’t need any training if they have one of our protection officers on campus. And while our officers are an excellent safety resource, it’s important to prepare for anything.

Without in-depth training, you can’t be certain how you’ll respond in the event of an emergency. We don’t want you to enter fight-or-flight mode, especially if you’re watching over children who need your assistance.

You need to understand all the best ways to respond to a security breach. While people are in danger, you can’t afford to make a misstep. You need to be ready to take action as soon as possible.

A member of our team discusses Campus Safety and Security

But we understand that not everyone is equipped with the knowledge necessary to make those vital, split-second decisions. This is why we offer a number of active threat training options for school staff.

Our Collaborative Training Methods

Training is an incredibly important part of the Strategos method. But we know that every workplace is different, so we offer several different training courses. This way, everyone can get the assistance they need.

During our on-site training, we can educate you and your staff about everything law enforcement has learned about school shootings over the years.

We will tell you how active threats think and what steps they might take to gain entry to your school. We can also advise you on how you can build an effective lockdown procedure and what to do if that plan fails.

Preparation is one of the most important parts of what we do. If you can predict how an active threat will behave, we can better defend against those behaviors.

These training sessions are also invaluable because they give your staff members the chance to ask questions and raise concerns. In many ways, these training sessions also serve as opportunities to learn and gather information.

After years of attending the same school, faculty and staff can grow complacent, subconsciously ignoring sizable security risks. But when we take the time to ask questions, we can identify security blindspots that had previously gone unnoticed.

Our online training options are a great supplement to our in-person trainings. This provides your staff with the opportunity to stay sharp on their response knowledge and skills. As well as train any new hires or substitutes prior to your next training. Everyone deserves access to high-quality campus security and safety training.

Security Assessments

Another important part of our campus safety and security methods is the physical security assessments. Many schools were not designed with active threats in mind, so we can help you find where the holes in your security may lie.

A graphic about Campus Safety and Security


For instance, maybe someone regularly props open a self-locking door during recess. Or maybe the main entrance to your building is completely made of glass—that won’t provide much protection against an active shooter.

We want to give you a second look, a fresh perspective. It only takes small changes to bolster your school’s security against active threats.

Security Policy Reviews

Perhaps your school already has an in-depth security policy. We’re always happy to hear that a school has taken steps to put a plan in place against active threats.  But it’s always possible for something to have been missed.

A lot goes into operating and managing a school, so it’s easy for small details to fall through the cracks. Either way, we can offer you a security policy review.

This will allow us to take a closer look at your security protocols, and if we find that something has been overlooked, we’ll provide recommendations on how you can optimize your plan.

Behavior Risk Assessments

It should come as no surprise—people act differently on the internet. Behind a phone or computer screen, people say things that they wouldn’t say in person.

They might make violent, inflammatory statements, and some of those statements could be directed at your school. But you can’t just assume that any threat made to your school is fake or exaggerated—you want to know that any potential risk is investigated.

This is why we offer behavior risk assessments. We will assist you in any investigation made into a threat against your students or faculty. We can also offer personalized advice on how you protect yourself if the threat is acted upon.

Design Your Engagement

Now that you know a bit more about the service options we have available, you may have trouble deciding which one will be right for you.

At Strategos, we’re all about custom service plans. Treating every school, business, or church like they’re all the same isn’t just misguided—it could be dangerous. We don’t want to make any assumptions about your staff, students, or place of work.

As a result, we’ve made sure that each and every client has a major hand in designing their own engagement. We’ll only supply you with the services and training you need, so you don’t feel like you’re paying for something you’ll never use. This is an important service, and we want you to feel the value every step of the way.

A Security Resource

We offer more than campus safety and security solutions. We want to help everyone, no matter where they work, play, or live.

And because of our commitment to offering security advice to people just like you, we developed a security blog to answer all of your questions about who we are and what we do.

These blogs are an excellent resource for anyone hoping to learn more about Strategos International and our methods. We outline our services, our background, and how our security solutions may help your place of work feel more secure. Give it a look today!

Reach Out to Us Today

When it comes to campus safety and security, you shouldn’t waste any time. If you feel that Strategos International could help your school become a safer place of learning, then we recommend scheduling a call with us today.

We can walk you through our suggestions for upgrading your school’s security. You’ll never regret taking the time to ensure that your campus is safe. Give us a call now—you’ll be happy you did.


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