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Security Officers: More Than Just a Campus Security Guard

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We understand the fear that can come with sending your child to school. As parents, we want to protect our kids from anything that would hurt them. We hope our kids will be equally safe and protected while they are at school.

You want someone watching over your students, keeping a watchful eye for any suspicious or dangerous activity.

At Strategos International, we offer an alternative to the typical campus security guard. If you want your school to have the advanced protection it needs, then read on to learn more about your options.

The Best of the Best

For the students and faculty at your school, you’ll want nothing but the best. Our School Protection Officers are the premier security solution for your campus. While many schools have security guards or police officers stationed on-site, there are downsides to both of these options.

Police officers may need to abandon their post if a more pressing matter arises, leaving your school defenseless.

And a security guard might not have the high levels of security training necessary to neutralize a threat like an active shooter. Our protection officers know all of the proper methods for keeping your school safe.

More Than Protection

Our School Protection Officers are more than equipped to handle an active threat, but that’s not all they can do. We want the protection officers stationed at your school to be a security resource.

Sometimes, when children see something they deem suspicious, they’ll ignore it for fear of not being believed or trusted. But our school protection officers want to develop personal, familiar relationships with your students and faculty alike.

They will be a known presence among your staff and student body, giving everyone a resource to contact if they need help.

Better still, our officers can provide your faculty with training. If you need a refresher on your active shooter drills, our officers will be more than happy to oblige.

Our Other Security Solutions

Our School Protection Officers are the perfect alternative to the standard campus security guard. But we offer more than security officers. We have lots of other different security solutions for anyone who may need them.

At Strategos International, our mission isn’t just to educate you or provide security services. We’re out to create a safer world.

A Variety of options for Campus Security Guard

It’s important to us that everyone has access to a safe working or learning environment. If your business, church, law enforcement agency, school, or healthcare organization could use additional security help or a training resource, then we have options for you. 

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