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Why You Need a Campus Security Authority

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It goes without saying—a school is a busy place. Even campuses with a smaller student body can attest to the fact that there’s always something going on.

Kids bustling around, milling through the halls, rushing to get to their next class or club meeting. With all that activity, nobody can keep an eye on everything.

This is why every school should consider meeting with Strategos International, an authority in campus security. We have several methods for keeping your school safe, but if you need an extra set of eyes on your students, then read why you could use a School Protection Officer.

Why You Need a Protection Officer

There have been 17 active shooters in schools since Columbine in 1999. To make matters worse, not every attack on a campus or student is a shooting. An active threat could use a knife, blunt weapon, or even their own hands to harm a student or faculty member.

You may already have a police officer on call at your school, but, depending on the size of your local Police Department and if they are short-staffed, they may pull your officer away and said officer may not be available on-site in the event of an emergency.

Someone in need of Campus Security Authority

You should never be left vulnerable.

What Sets Our Officers Apart?

When you hire one of our School Protection Officers, you’re not just getting a dedicated security guard, you’re getting an authority in campus security. Our officers are highly trained in emergency response and threat detection.

They don’t just respond to threats, they take steps to prevent them from occurring in the first place. And if an active threat does enter your school’s campus, our officers are trained to neutralize that threat while mitigating violence against staff and students alike.

Our SPOs develop real relationships with everyone in your school. We want the people of your campus to feel safe coming to our protection officers with any concerns of suspicious activities they may have noticed.

Preparing You for Anything

Our School Protection Officers aren’t there to simply protect your faculty—they can train them too. The most dangerous thing someone can do after an active threat arises is to panic. And the best way to avoid panic is through our training.

Because our officers are authorities on campus safety, they know what to expect. They can predict how criminals think, so they can offer you and your faculty practical, useful advice on how to protect themselves and their students.

Nobody should be afraid while they learn or teach, so we take the necessary steps to keep you safe.

Keep Your School Safe

Strategos International has one priority in mind: keeping people safe. Every single one of our School Protection Officers is a campus security authority.

The topic of school security can be a scary one to broach, but you want to come onto your campus every day with the knowledge that there’s someone looking out for you.

Take a look at our online security consultation. We can help you customize your own plan, so you only get the services you need. Try it today.


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