Todd Burke

Todd Burke has served for 35-years as a police officer, firefighter, and paramedic in both career and volunteer capacities as a line officer, supervisor, and chief officer. He holds a wide variety of certifications and instructor’s credentials, he is a Certified Police Specialist and Generalist Instructor with the Missouri Department of Public Safety, he has had numerous articles published in professional journals, and he has offered expert witness testimony in high-profile felony and capital crime prosecutions. Todd helps organizations and individuals realize their training needs and objectives and then exceed those requirements with a cadre of talented and experienced staff.

Firearms And Training Considerations For Churches

Firearms are a necessary tool in our security toolkit today.  They contribute to our preparedness, life safety, and loss prevention just as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, medical kits and defibrillators, seat belts, and the ice melt you put on the front steps of your church do. While we examine the role that firearms play, we