High-Risk Termination Security

Strategos provides high-risk termination consultation and security services that allow the organization to do the following:

  • Objectively analyze if the risk with the employee or group of employees is low, medium or high-risk
  • Develop a risk mitigation and implementation plan based on the individual(s) risk profile
  • Recognize, management and de-escalate points of potential conflict prior or as they are occurring

When dealing with high-risk terminations, considerations have to be made for the safety of everyone involved. Separating one or more employees from the organization can be very stressful and emotional, not only for the people leaving but also for those remaining. Plant closings with layoffs or a reduction in force will affect the entire community in which the facility resides. Additionally, stressors that come from a person’s home life can also directly impact the workplace.

Ways that We can Serve You

  • Reduction in Force (RIFs)
  • Behavior Risk Assessments
  • Layoffs
  • Employee Terminations & Separations
  • Plant Closings
  • Union Negotiations & Strike Mitigation

High-risk terminations require due diligence and a detailed preparation plan before separating an employee. The Human Resources staff and supervisors should plan for all possible reactions and outcomes from the individual, other workers, and the community at large, so they are not caught off guard. There will always be the potential for emotions to run high and actions to become physical in the heat of the moment. However, all parties should maintain a high level of awareness that a threat can also initiate at a later time. Learn how to prepare supervisors and staff to recognize behavior patterns that can become dangerous and introduce emergency response procedures to mitigate the danger.