Law Enforcement & Military Tactical Training


Strategos International LLC is a company committed to bringing Law Enforcement Professionals and Military Operators the highest quality training available. We feature rigorous force-on-force simulation training, live-fire courses, low light precision rifle, low-light instructor’s courses, use of force doctrine seminars, as well as defensive tactics/combatives related curriculums. Strategos conducts law enforcement and military courses on topics related to Strategies of Low Light Engagements, Law Enforcement Response to the Active Shooter, Strategies of Vehicle Engagements, Immediate Action Response for the Undercover Team, K9 Down: Combat Casualty Care for the Working K9, SWAT Team Tactics, Ballistic Shield Operations & Deployment, Tactical Medical Responder, Tactical Pistol, Tactical Rifle, Tactical Firearms Instructor, Intruder Response for Public Entities, Defensive Shotgun, Defensive Rifle, Low Light Precision Rifle, Advanced Sniper, Less Lethal and Force Sector Model courses.