School Safety

We have trained more than 30,000 educators in school safety and security. We are considered the leading authority in training and consulting in this area.

“What Would You Do” if an active shooter showed up?

An incident in rural Alaska brings home the importance of training. “What Would You Do?” is a long-running ABC television program hosted by John Quiñones. A hidden camera records the public’s response to actors who engage in conflict, unethical or illegal activity. The scene is staged, but half the people don’t know it. Afterward, John

Strategos Security Minute: Overcoming Normalcy Bias

In a crisis, our denial instinct can lead to death. How do we rise above it? What’s wrong with being normal? Nothing, if things are indeed normal. Normalcy bias is a deadly psychological coping mechanism that leads us to deny clear threats to our life and safety. Gunshots are dismissed as fireworks, bullets, and blood

Countering Critics of School Active Shooter Training

Strategos’ Mark Warren responds to those who say security training isn’t worth it. As school active shooter training has grown in prominence, critics have begun raising their voices. They’re concerned about causing unnecessary anxiety – even trauma. Others object to heavy-handed tactics. And a few say the training doesn’t work. School’s been back in session

Passivity will never stop school shootings

School officials, law enforcement and the community cannot look the other way while killers plot destruction. Documenting the number of missteps that led to the Parkland school shooting requires reams of paper. The steps go back years and the failings are numerous. And it’s not just failings on site at the time of the attack

Got Protesters? Handle With Care

Holster the donuts and suspend the arguments. Unless it’s violent, let this storm blow over. A well-known protest group recently made its rounds at churches in the Orlando area, spewing an all-too-common message of “hate thy neighbor.” In our hyper-politicized age, everything appears to be a cause for protest. And protesters are not generally known