School Safety

If There Was An Intruder In Your School Today…
Would Everyone Know Exactly What To Do
To Keep Your Kids Safe?

We Can Help You Prepare Before It’s Too Late

Since 2002 Strategos has helped over 30,000 teachers and administrators become better prepared for the unthinkable.  Our customized on-site facility risk assessments and intruder response trainings equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to keep kids safe.  Our intruder response training is considered the best in the county and was given 4.9 our of 5 stars by the MO Department of Homeland Security.

Ways We Can Help

Safety and Security Assessment

Do you know where and how you and your students are vulnerable? Have us visit your campus to conduct a full security assessment.  We will identify the areas of concern and help you to put a plan in place.

Onsite Training

When an event takes place the true first responders are the ones already there.  Our on-site training prepares you and your staff to be prepared to take actions and save lives.  Hope is not a strategy.  Strategos is.
When calling 911 it takes police at least four minutes to arrive.
When an active-shooter is assaulting your students…
that’s an eternity.
The true first responders are the ones already on the scene.
Let us help you prepare.