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Consulting Capabilities

With 3 locations in Missouri, Texas, and Florida, Strategos International offers services including:

  • Workplace violence policy/procedure manual development
  • High-risk termination planning mitigation & guidance
  • Physical security assessments & site audits
  • Safety/security and standards of care expert witness resources
  • Safety/security leadership recruiting & life safety special event planning

What We Do

The Strategos International team of protection experts offer the unique capability to provide immediate responses for organizations all across the country requiring security consulting services.

We’ve helped train, consult, and protect over 300,000 individuals in the following industries.

Comprehensive Safety Measures for Your Organization

Strategos International provides a combination of targeted, customizable security consulting services for organizations both in the United States and internationally. Backed by a team of over 500 professional contractors across, our experts work with corporate, healthcare, and law enforcement organizations—as well as schools—to evaluate and deliver solutions to clients for a wide range of needs and situations.

Our Values

Why Work With Strategos?


Since 2002, Strategos International has provided services to over 300,000 corporate, government, school, faith-based, law enforcement, and military professionals in over 15 countries globally.


Strategos is capable of providing a broad range of services with courses scalable based on the unique needs of our clients.


All of our services take steps to ensure that our recommendations and services do not compromise your individual or organizational core mission and culture.

How It Works

Because each organization offers different industry-specific and internal protection challenges, all clients engaging in security consulting services will begin by meeting with our experienced team. Here, we’ll work collaboratively to determine organizational needs and challenges in order to design a flexible, scaleable strategy for guidance.

Each service we perform involves using a combination of both proven techniques and the extensive experience of our protection professionals to deliver real-world solutions. Most importantly, we ensure that all solutions are provided in a manner consistent with each organization’s individual mission and core values.

Protection Starts Here

Through education and empowerment, Strategos International can help reduce fear within your organization and provide solutions to potential crisis-related problems. Get started today.

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What Other Organizations Have to Say

"It is important to have these skills and keep up to date on the latest training for the safety of our students...Just in case. Very informative, lots of things presented that I need to do to improve our lockdown procedures. Great experience-especially to see how different/older methods are ineffective."

Teresa Arms

Fulton High School, Missouri

"I have attended several active shooter training courses. I believe it is critical for agencies to be prepaired for these incidents. These instructors are by far the most efficient I have ever been exposed to. Their knowledge of the material and tactics are obviously truly coming from a passion to train & belief that this will help."

Sgt. Eric D. Kraus

Edinboro University Police

Our Security Offerings

Strategos focusing on leading practices and objective analysis. We offer customized solutions to clients across the country, including school security reviews, high-risk termination consultations, behavior risk assessments, and expert witness services for security and workplace violence litigation.

School Security Capability Reviews

If your district currently has a security contractor or security department that are employees of the district Strategos can objectively review and assess existing security capabilities based on leading practices within the school security realm.

Strategos has evaluated school security departments and evaluated the following areas:

  • Training (Armed & Unarmed Officers)
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Uses of Force Modeling
  • Staffing & Manpower
  • Ability to hire quality personnel based on compensation benchmarking

After conducting these security capability reviews, Strategos will develop a “Findings & Recommendations Report” to outline recommendations to the district so that they can continually seek excellence in performance of the mission of keeping our children safe in uncertain times!

High-Risk Termination Consultation

Termination is an unpleasant but routine part of business and organizational life. The vast majority of workplace separations are subdued. Unfortunately, a few terminations can result in disruptive and potentially dangerous, behavior.

We conduct a consultation prior to the termination to inform you of the leading practices as well as to communicate with security personnel and/or law enforcement. We provide assistance during the termination and after the event, including protection services for managers, staff or family members concerned about retaliation.

Behavior Risk Assessments – Prior & Post Event

Behavior Risk Assessments is a service that Strategos has provided for legal, corporate, government and law enforcement clients. These services provide an objective measurable risk analysis based on information gathered in areas like civil, criminal, financial, custodial, marital and social media reviews.

These assessments are very useful to objectively analyze whether or not a person or persons are escalating towards the likelihood of committing an act of violence.

Security and Law Enforcement Use of Force Litigation

Strategos has provided expert witness services for clients related to reasonable uses of force for both security and law enforcement personnel. These services include case review, video analysis, written opinions, deposition and trial testimony.

Leading Practices for Security & Workplace Violence

Strategos has provided expert opinions and expert witness services on the topics of security and workplace violence preparedness. These services are based on our extensive experience in delivering both security and protection solutions to thousands of clients at hundreds of projects. The standards of “due diligence preparedness” and elements of OSHA’s General Duty Clause are utilized based on standards of care related to “reasonable effort to prevent harm” are employed.

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