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Expert Witness Services

Strategos International partners with highly experienced professionals to provide criminal and civil expert witness resources to clients across the US and internationally. Services available to our clients can include all of the following:

  • Insurance Litigation Case Reviews
  • Criminal Attorney Case Reviews
  • Civil Attorney Case Reviews
  • Security & Workplace Violence
  • Use of Force Litigation
  • Preparedness Standards of Care
  • Behavior Risk Assessments

Professional Services With Compelling Solutions

At Strategos International, we offer criminal and civil expert witness services for corporate clients both in the United States and abroad. Our team has extensive experience in providing resources to both local and multinational organizations, serving as a trusted partner to provide clients with wide-ranging services that are flexible based on their unique situations.

Service Highlights


  • Resources for corporate organizations facing criminal and civil cases
  • Resources for case reviews, depositions, and trials
  • Capability for performing behavior threat assessments
  • Leading practices for security & workplace violence

Our Values

Why Work With Strategos?

Wide-Ranging Services

Strategos International has provided expert witness resources for case reviews, depositions, and trials. We also have experience in behavior risk assessments and in matters of security and workplace violence.

Vetted Experts

Strategos utilizes specialized experts that have been vetted both personally and professionally to clarify, explain, and provide valuable opinions on complex matters relating to safety, security, and workplace violence.

Extensive Experience

Strategos utilizes a substantial pool of experienced professionals and leans on their wealth of knowledge to serve as expert witnesses for insurance, attorney, and corporate organizations.

How It Works

Expert witness services through Strategos International focus on explaining complicated organizational matters in a manner that’s clear, concise, and compelling for the average layperson.

Working closely with organizational leadership, our team will gain a better understanding of the situation and provide resources accordingly. Depending on the matter, our team of experts has provided assistance for everything from case reviews and depositions to trials and behavior risk assessments—with an emphasis on matters related to reporting, standards of care, and due diligence preparedness criteria.


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