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Got Protesters? Handle With Care

Holster the donuts and suspend the arguments. Unless it’s violent, let this storm blow over. A well-known protest group recently made its rounds at churches in the Orlando area, spewing an all-too-common message of “hate thy neighbor.” In our hyper-politicized age, everything appears to be a cause for protest. And protesters are not generally known

Immediate Responders Stand in the Gap While Police, EMS Mobilize

With training, especially in medical skills, they can be effective in saving lives. Note: This article was written for the International Public Safety Association. Strategos encourages donations to this worthy non-profit organization. The term first responder has been used for decades to describe the heroic women and men in uniform that make up our law

Are Active Shooter Panic Buttons the Solution for School Security?

Strategos President Vaughn Baker tackles the pros and cons in this edition of Strategos Security Week. In an effort to protect students, more than 20 schools in Illinois – and more than 150 nationwide – have installed active-shooter panic buttons. Does this technology spell the end of active shooters? Vaughn Baker addresses the pros and

Friendly fire is never friendly

Understand the risks of an armed response to an intruder before it’s too late. It wasn’t a typical worship service at Faith City Mission in Amarillo, Texas. While the congregation was pondering the heavenly, a gunman rushed in and brought them back down to earth – hard. Media accounts report that some people ran, while