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Who is the True First Responder?

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Law enforcement does an incredible job, but they’re usually minutes away. And minutes mean lives.

If there’s an intruder at your church or business, call the police. No question about it.

But there’s likely much more you need to be ready to do while the police are on their way.

Is the intruder armed? Has he made threats? Taken hostages? In this video, I explain just how much damage can be done by a determined shooter in only a few moments.

The lesson: We need to understand that, until the police arrive, we are the first-responders. What we do, or fail to do, may determine who lives and dies that day.

Is your church or business prepared for an intruder? And beyond that, is it prepared for a fire? Or a tornado?

We may not enjoy the fact that we have a role as first-responders. But as leaders, we have to rise to the occasion for the sake of those we serve. Questions? Send me a line.

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