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Church Security: Prepare Now to be Better Than Before

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Prepare for a return to community as if it’s Easter Sunday.

Most churches are currently unable to meet, but the quarantine will end. When it does, will your church security team be rusty … or ready? DHS predicts the isolating circumstances of the pandemic may result in psychological instability and outbursts of disruption and violence. In this interview, Barry Young, VP of operations for Strategos International, shares 7 Ways to use this time to build your church security ministry.

Barry Young

Barry Young has dedicated his life to helping churches improve security. He has been the director of security at two churches in the Kansas City area and is a chaplain for the Independence, Mo., Police Department. He’s also a black belt in Sho-Lum-Tae Karate. Barry’s goal is for every church in the United States to have a comprehensive security plan and team that goes from the parking lot to the pulpit.

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