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Advanced-level courses for high-threat environments

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What We Do

Our high-threat environment solutions are applicable to a number of law enforcement and military agencies and are based in real-world scenarios. Strategos International provides a number of professional, on-site firearm and tactical training opportunities.

Serving Those That Serve Others

Since 2002, the mission of Strategos International has provided government, law enforcement, and military professionals with the highest quality security, safety, and tactical training and consulting services. Working directly with organizational leadership, our team of highly trained protection specialists design and execute customized strategies to provide reality-based solutions when navigating high-threat environments.

Service Highlights

For Military & Law Enforcement Training

  • Armed training for military and law enforcement officials
  • Tailored to patrol officers, SWAT officers, military special operations personnel, SRO’s, and more
  • Includes active shooter response training and instructor-level training courses
  • Additional law enforcement firearms training and tactical training courses included

Our Values

Why Work With Strategos?

Proven Techniques

Our training strategies have been developed through years of hands-on education, experience, and client feedback.

Flexibility & Scalability

Strategies and content are presented in a manner that is principle-based and designed to be customizable depending on the client’s unique requirements.


Strategos has trained, consulted, and protected over 300,000 professionals in over 15 countries globally, a significant portion of which have included law enforcement and military clients.

How It Works

The protection professionals of Strategos International begin our on-site law enforcement and military training services by meeting with organizational leadership. This ensures that we adapt each of our training to the specific needs of both professionals and the agency without compromising the core values of both.

The primary goal of our on-site training services is to ensure that all personnel within an organization feel educated and empowered to respond decisively to potential threats—primarily by helping individuals understand the tools, capabilities, and resources available to them.

Protection Starts Here

Through education and empowerment, Strategos International can help reduce fear within your organization and provide solutions to potential crisis-related problems. Get started today.

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Fear on any crisis-related topic comes from “having a problem without a solution.” Let us reduce fear within your organization by providing the solutions to these potential crisis-related problems.

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Training benefits
  • Reduce anxiety & fear
  • Increase response capability
  • Decrease liability exposure