School Security Training

4-hr School Active Shooter Intruder Response Training (Foundational)

This course bridges the gap between responding law enforcement officers and school staff, administrators and other personnel in school active shooter situation.

The 4-hour half-day sessions include:

The training assists school staff in their ability to prevent, report and protect themselves and their students from an active shooter during the critical moments they are waiting for police to arrive. It also educates school staff about what to expect from officers once they are on site. The course is also designed to provide school resource officers with the necessary skills and mindset to properly engage and respond to an active threat.

  • An overview and historic examination of school shootings and lessons learned for schools and law enforcement.
  • An in-depth analysis of lockdown procedures from threats inside and outside the building.
  • What to do if lockdown fails.
  • The 3 Out Response Model: Lock Out, Get Out, Take Out
  • How to secure multiple types of doors with and without locks, including locking, layering and reinforcing
  • Access control and visitor management

Access control and visitor management

  • 2 hr. PowerPoint lecture
  • 1 hr. instructor demonstrations – Q&A
  • 1 hr. Scenarios, lessons learned and critique by instructor


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