Security Planning And Consulting

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When it comes to workplace violence and even acts of nature (power outages), ignorance is not bliss. The first step is understanding your vulnerabilities. Then you can prioritize your responses.

We begin with a study of your location, security personnel (or lack thereof) and the fundamentals of your operation. For example, do you operate in a high-traffic, retail facility or a closed, private office environment? We also work to understand your corporate culture so that any security proposal is compatible with your organizational DNA so that implemented solutions do not compromise the core mission of your organization.

We examine security issues including:

• Access control
• Visitor and employee card management
• Physical security
• Lighting and landscaping
• Prevention and response policy and protocols
• Vulnerabilities
• Hardware requirements
• Training requirements

We survey the full spectrum of threats, whether they are criminal or even weather-related, that could impact a location. This overview considers the likelihood, frequency and impact of the threats. Our all-hazards approach leaves you with a comprehensive look at vulnerabilities that need addressed.

During our survey, we review physical security and access controls as the first line of defense. When completed, our site survey report will highlight our findings and describe recommended improvements to strengthen security and reduce liability. With all of this data in place, we will finalize a security master plan and assist you in its implementation.

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Ways We Can Help

Event Security

Strategos has planned, coordinated and overseen protection services for events ranging from 50 to 40,000. Our services include:
• On-stage protection
• Close protection
• Crowd control
• Credential and access control
• Medical emergency plans
• Serving as liaison to law enforcement

Workplace Violence Prevention

Incidents range from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and homicide. Its impact can spread beyond employees to customers, visitors and even other tenants of the facility. The best strategy is to detect the potential for violence and counter it before it erupts. We can equip you to create a culture that is proactive in preventing violent behavior.

Workplace Violence Behavior Assessments

Almost all violent acts are preceded by disconcerting and observable behavior and body language.  Strategos has in-depth experience analyzing behavior to predict the risk of violence. When a person of concern is identified, we gather comprehensive information from public sources including criminal records, civil litigation and social media. In addition, we interview people who have knowledge of the individual’s work history. The result is a report that assesses the level of risk and recommends solutions for the employer.

High Risk Termination Services

Termination is an unpleasant but routine part of business and organizational life. The vast majority of workplace separations are subdued. Unfortunately, a few terminations can result in disruptive, if not dangerous, behavior.

We conduct a consultation prior to the termination to inform you of best practices as well as to communicate with security personnel and/or law enforcement. We provide assistance during the termination and after the event, including protection services for managers, staff or family members concerned about retaliation.