Workplace Violence &
High-Risk Termination Resources

These resources are a must have for anyone in a Human Resources, Management or Executive Position.

Online Risk Assessment for workplace violence

Online Behavior Assessment Tool (Use This If You Have A Concern About An Employee)

If you have a concern about an employee, even if you have the "there is something not right about them" feeling, this quick online assessment is a MUST.  Simply answer the questions on the screen regarding the employees behavior.  A risk score will instantly be provided to you along with the recommended actions you and your team should be taking.

High Risk Termination Example

High Risk Termination Policy Template

This template is full of valuable guidance to help you and your team navigate a high-risk termination.  The document is in an editable format, allowing you to quickly customize this for your organization.

Workplace Intruder Response Procedures Template

This document contains critical elements that you must have in place for your intruder response procedures.  Whether you are drafting your company intruder response procedures from scratch or are reviewing your current policy to make sure you have not overlooked anything, this document is a valuable resource. 

Strategos International RIF Safety & Security Checklist

Reduction In Force Safety & Security Checklist

If you are planning a reduction in force (RIF), this checklist with ensure that you do not make critical mistakes others have made by overlooking items that increase your chances of harm to people, physical and intellectual property.