Vaughn Baker shares active shooter survival tips on KMBC News

The president of Strategos says response plans must be simple so they can succeed under extreme stress.

From the report:

“An expert in teaching people how to defend themselves in an active shooter situation says more can be done to deal with the attacks.

“Vaughn Baker said the latest attacks reflect the most common types of active shooters.

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Great for What area?

“In Dayton: mental health issues. In El Paso, ideology.

“‘And they want to commit an act and rack up a body count. They’re going to find the means, first of all. Then they’re going to find the opportunity to commit that attack. And that’s very difficult to prevent,’ Baker said.

“Since 2002, Baker’s company has been advising groups how to protect against active shooters. Some of it comes down to three points.

“‘We’re going to lock it, layer it and reinforce and never be satisfied with our lockout. We can either get out with an exit or get out of that area, to a hallway or a lobby where we can lockout. And then take out, is when the attack is on top of us. We don’t have a chance to either lockout or get out. Now we have to fight,'” Baker said.