Guy Beveridge, Strategos International

Photo: KLKN-TV 8, Lincoln, Nebraska

A Nebraska ABC affiliate reports on our work in church security.

Strategos International was recently featured by KLKN-TV 8, an ABC affiliate in Lincoln, Neb. Guy Beveridge, Strategos director of business development, spoke to the station:

“‘Churches by and large are soft targets, they don’t have a lot of people watching, people paying attention and our backs are to the doors when people who want to do harm to us enter,’ says Guy Beveridge, director of business development with Strategos International.

“Strategos, a safety and security training organization, teamed up with local churches to provide formalized, insurable ‘Church Protector’ training.

“Beveridge says if someone wants to harm people in a church, ‘they would know where people are going to be on a certain day at a certain time at a certain location they would find a large group of people there.'”

Read the article and watch the video here.


Church Security and Active Shooter Training from Strategos International