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Churches are welcoming, but they don’t have to be a ‘soft target.’

Guy Beveridge, Strategos director of business develoment, was featured in a Spectrum News article on San Antonio churches improving their security.

From the story:

“We don’t like to think about it,” said training instructor Guy Beveridge with Strategos International. “We think of church as a welcoming, come one, come all approach. Unfortunately, we’re being attacked because we’re looked at as a soft target.”

From deacons, to ushers and parking lot attendants, Beveridge is training men and women across the country, on how to secure and respond if a threat made its way inside their church.

“From parking lot to pulpit with our protection. We want to have a plan from band-aids to bullets, and everything in between,” said Beveridge.

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About Guy Beveridge
Guy Beveridge is the director of business development with Strategos International. With a background in military and civil special operations, Beveridge is an internationally known trainer, speaker, professional security consultant and a licensed master peace officer in Texas. He is an expert in security management, crime, loss prevention, investigations, and crisis response. Beveridge has managed security projects, both national and international, for businesses that top the Fortune 500 list. He specializes in prediction, recognition, and evaluation of crime risk.

Guy Beveridge, Strategos International