School Active Shooter

And Intruder Response Training

Half-Day & Full Day Sessions Available

“The true first responders are the ones already on the scene.”

School Active Shooter and Intruder Response Training 

This course bridges the gap between responding officers and school faculty, administrators and other personnel in an active shooter situation.

The training assists school personnel in their ability to prevent, report and protect themselves and their students from an active shooter during the critical moments while waiting for police to arrive. It also educates them about what to expect from officers once they are on site. The course is designed to provide law enforcement officers with the necessary skills and mindset to properly respond. 4 Hour Session This course educates all school personnel (faculty, administrators and support staff) on effective response strategies in an active shooter situation.


The 4-hour half-day sessions includes:

• An overview and historic examination of school shootings and lessons learned for schools and law enforcement.

• An in-depth analysis of lockdown procedures from threats inside and outside the building.

• What to do if lockdown fails.

• The 3 Out Response Model: Lock Out, Get Out, Take Out

• How to secure multiple types of doors, including locking, layering and reinforcing

• Access control and visitor management


8 Hour Session

The full-day version of this course includes all of the information in the four-hour session, plus training on preventing active shooter incidents.

It includes an in-depth analysis of the U.S. Secret Service/U.S. Department of Education Safe Schools Initiative report.

Prevention activities to be examined include:

• Reporting

• Investigation

• Understanding behavioral precursors to violent behavior

• Threat assessment

• Recognition of risk indicators

• Communication within the school

• Communication with parents

• Communication with the media and community.


Both the four-hour and eight-hour sessions will be divided into classroom instruction and practical, hands-on scenarios to put the lessons into action. Law enforcement and school personnel will participate in the active scenarios.

This will include a walk-through of the school to demonstrate safety and security principles.


Other topics in the 8-hour session include:

• Secondary exit points

• When to get out and why

• How to fight back in case of a lockdown failure, including using improvised weapons

• Recognizing and understanding the phenomenon of Normalcy Bias and how to overcome it

• Understanding sensory-based decision making and how it helps or impedes a proper response to a crisis

Optional Seminar:

At the host’s discretion, we also offer an evening seminar: The Parent and Community Role in Countering the Threat of School Active Shooters. This helps bring peace of mind and inform parents of everything school districts are doing to ensure the safety of their students. This seminar is a 60-90 minute presentation helping parents to communicate with their children, schools and law enforcement about potential threats and how to address them.