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There are times when a private investigation is needed on behalf of an employer, insurance policyholder, or corporate leadership. Personal surveillance requires proper licensure to execute an investigation in a given state. Practiced and discreet skills are a necessity along with an understanding of the law and insurance policy language to identify acts that are a violation of any regulation with which the surveilled person must comply.  

Ways We Can Help


Insurance and Workers' Compensation Fraud

Insurance fraud is incredibly prevalent and is not a victimless crime. As consumers and employers, we are all impacted by fraudulent claims that pay out large settlements to unworthy persons. The only way to combat a false claim is through well documented and confirmed proof of an intentionally false claim. Collecting the necessary documentation may involve monitoring a person to capture them acting in a way that is non-compliant with their medical restrictions, researching an individual’s personal or professional history to demonstrate how they would benefit from defrauding an insurance company. 

The intent of the surveillance should be to confirm the fraudulent act’s sole purpose was to collect insurance money. Protect yourself and your business by being pro-active and thoroughly investigating questionable claims.


Legal Environment Support Services

Our team includes experienced law enforcement professionals. Interviewing witnesses, taking statements, conducting surveillance, and document injuries require accurate details, thorough questions, diligent pursuit of the truth while maintaining specific information confidential during the investigation. Our practices are consistent in honoring attorney-client privilege, work-product protection, and proper conduct when investigating opposing parties.

Our services include:

  • Legal asset investigation
  • Difficult process server
  • Missing persons
  • Witness statements
  • Injury surveillance
  • Accident investigations
  • Legal background research
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure notification
  • Estate and probate research

Employee Theft And Loss Prevention

Employee theft is a reality for the workplace and can involve a conspiracy of multiple staff members. Skilled fraud investigators can make all the difference to the profitability of your business. We use tactics that include covert surveillance, undercover investigations, polygraph testing, and employee interviews to discover the source and how deeply the fraudulent activity has infiltrated your business.  



Electronic surveillance is the watchdog of the modern age. To execute it well and legally requires experience and wisdom to be strategic and effective in gaining the outcome needed. 

Our team is ready to assist with a variety of needs, including single-person short term surveillance, a multi-person fully designed and executed investigation, or preparing and implementing a long-term security program.

Our services include:

  • Audio surveillance
  • Hidden video surveillance
  • Employee surveillance
  • Multiple subjects and multiple location surveilance
  • Aerial surveillance – Strategos can provide aerial surveillance solutions for those projects that are particularly challenging in order to fulfill surveillance missions for our clients. We utilize two aerial platforms that are piloted by one of 4 instrument-rated pilots and a trained observer that Strategos International has in its cadre.

Missing Persons, Kidnapping, Abduction, And Runaways

The Strategos International Team conducts all investigations with the foundation of focusing on the best possible outcome for the missing person and the family. Filing a missing person’s report with the local law enforcement agency is essential and should be executed at the earliest possible time. However, the Strategos International team is not required to wait a mandated time period to start researching possible locations and scenarios for the missing person. Our nationwide team will pull information from various law enforcement entities and professional contacts using the details known about the missing person. All information is relevant; age, gender, last known location, personal and social media contacts, business relationships, medical history, and emotional stability are details that will help the investigators narrow their search.