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Employers of all sizes face a variety of business protection challenges.  Static and fixed post security or officers on patrol are all necessary to protect the business and the employees from an active threat. Training staff to increase their safety awareness will integrate them as active participants in a well-structured security plan.

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Physical Security Assesments


Safety and Security Planning and Program Development


Design Asset Protection Surveillance for Retail, Warehouse, Traditional and Non-Traditional Offices Suites


Active Threat Training


Staffing Short Term Static or Fixed Site Armed or Unarmed Security

Asset protection is necessary for the optimum function and sustainability of your business.  Asset protection includes the security of your employees and protection the finished product. Theft and threats to the workplace will reduce business profitability regardless if it is manufacturing, retail, or an office suite location. Equally impactful is the loss of reputation.  Schedule a call with us to discuss how you can protect your workplace and business.