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Employers of all sizes are faced with a variety of challenges that can impact their ability to conduct business.  Because at the heart of any business are the people who make it work day in and day out.  People who work together become a family. Eliminating one or more family members can be very emotional not only for the people leaving but also for those remaining.   Having static, fixed post security or officers on patrol are all necessary to protect the operation of the business and the employees from an active threat.


Ways We Can Help


High-Risk Terminations


Short term static or fixed site security – armed and/or unarmed


Reduction in force, layoffs, plant or facility closings


Asset protection: retail, warehouse, traditional and non-traditional offices

High risk terminations require due diligence to confirm an allegation that would result in a separation of an employee.  During the meeting where an employee learns that they are being terminated the potential for emotions to run high and actions to become physical will require a security team for the protection of the business representatives and the person being removed. 

Reductions in force, layoffs, and plant/facilities closings pose a different risk in that the impact includes the entire community, not just the employees.  Providing greater protection to the company representatives, real and personal property.

Asset protection is a necessity for the optimum function of a business as well as to protect finished products.  Theft of completed products reduces the profitability of a business regardless if it is a manufacturing or retail location as much as loss of tools and equipment needed to build and complete the product.