We’re humbled and honored by these kind words from our clients.


This is MUST attend training for all pastors, staff and church security personnel.
— Steve Ijames, James River Assembly, Springfield, Mo., and former officer, Springfield Police Department
I’ve been in law enforcement for more than 30 years and this is the best, most complete and thorough course on any one topic I have ever taken. The seminar answered many question and all of this without me having to raise my hand once. Excellent.
— David Deprez, Immanuel Church, Gurnee, Illinois
Excellent! Prepared, passionate and personal!
— Jim Piazza, Roman Catholic Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio
This was a very powerful class that will help us begin the journey towards building a security plan for our church.
— Darren Rogers, First Baptist Church, Wellsville, Ohio
Excellent delivery, entertaining and engaging. Todd (the instructor) is very animated and eloquent and makes for a memorable teaching event.
— Maxwell Rosen, International House of Prayer, Grandview, Missouri
I’ve personally worked for several security companies since retiring from the military. It is a blessing to see a security company with leadership that is Christian faith-based … and wanting to teach people about protecting the church and its people. Strategos International is a company that I highly recommended to any church organization wanting this type of assistance and training. The instruction was very professionally done, organized and easy to follow and understand. The instructor was outstanding in knowledge of the material, presentation and involvement of the audience. The audio visual aids were awesome!
— James Maxwell, Security Director, First Baptist Church of Springdale, Arkansas
The delivery was top notch. I loved the ‘stories behind the stories’ that helped make everything real for everyone. The curriculum was great as well. The instructor was, without question, exceedingly knowledgeable. I would encourage anyone considering church security to attend this seminar. In fact, I know it would be worth attending again to ensure I retain the concepts and principles more thoroughly.
— Keith Melton, First Baptist Church of Maryville, Illinois
The course provided an excellent framework for building a comprehensive security team. The great additional benefit was the opportunity to network with professionals who will be able to serve as resources in the future.
— Terry Long, First Baptist Church of Bartlesville, Oklahoma


This course completely changed my thinking about an active shooter. Before, I probably would have hidden with the kids in the bathroom, now I know to barricade and fight back.
— Jennifer Warren, Macon, Mo., public schools
The training represented a good balance of direct instruction, Q&A and hands-on training. It provided a realistic glimpse of the timing and appropriate response needed during these types of situations.
— Chris Denham, Mexico, Missouri, public schools
This training will greatly help me with instructing teachers what else they can do besides just lock their doors.
— Greg Gammons, Calhoun County, Michigan, Sheriff’s Office
I was very nervous about how the topic would be presented and I did not want to participate in the simulated intruder scenarios. However, today I am really glad I did. I left feeling empowered and grateful about what I learned. It was one of the best professional development trainings that I have ever attended.
— Lisa Everhart, Sedalia, Missouri, public school district
Top notch – excellent! On a scale of 1 – 10, it is a 32!
— Chris Hug, Battle Creek, Michigan, Police Department
This was a great class. All teachers and school personnel should take it!
— Dennis Harper, Richmond, Missouri, public schools
It is important to have these skills and to keep up to date on the latest training for the safety of our students, just in case. It was very informative and a great experience.
— Teresa Arms, Fulton, Missouri, high school
Because of this training, I will be able to provide instruction to not only school personnel, but to our officers as well.
— Chris Klein, Battle Creek, Michigan, Police Department


Very helpful and interesting! We need to get more people in our community involved.
— Diane Theobald, Avery Weigh-Tronix
This is the best class I’ve attended. Awesome.
— Richard Paulo, Allied Universal
“This course helped me think more tactically about how to get where I need to be without being harmed or harming other individuals. I now have a better knowledge of how to de-escalate situations that could end badly.
— Jarod Hale, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami, Okla.
This training is needed in this day and age.
— Jean Kraus, Williams Woods University
“The PREVAIL! program, created by Strategos International and Sollah Interactive, has been well received throughout our organization. Employee feedback indicates the video accurately portrays the reality of a critical event, from the serious tone to the detailed subject matter. The production quality is excellent, which helps to engage and educate the viewer. Employees also appreciate the tip cards, indicating this will improve retention. Strategos and Sollah provide extraordinary service and products, working with us diligently to ensure our organization and employees receive top-notch training.”
— Daniel Baird, Security Coordinator, INTRUST Bank N.A.


Great job! Tons of hands-on (dry fire and live fire) exercises. Todd did an amazing job leading the class. I wish I mastered half of what he has forgotten. The coaches did a wonderful job giving constructive feedback. High quality training, thanks!
— Michael Lynch, Trader’s Point Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana
I have taken numerous classes and courses over the course of my life and those at the top have been those involving Strategos International. … I learned so much more in your class than anything they taught me in the police academy.
— Gus Bomgardner, Florida
Exceptional! Material was clear, progressive, and easy to understand. It was useful to learn ‘why’ we should use the concepts rather than just ‘how’ to use them.
— Reed Kotake, Blue Springs, Missouri, Police Department
I’ve been a part of our executive protection program for about seven years. This course was one of the best I’ve been through. It provided a practical, common sense approach to protecting the principal.
— Von Inman, Federal Reserve Police
As a police officer, I believe this type of training (At Risk Personnel) is much needed for every officer who patrols our streets. This training transcends the civilian world and should be offered to anyone who wants to learn about safety and self-defense.
— Santiago Vasquez, Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department
This course will assist me in teaching new operators and agency personnel. It was a great refresher for me and also confirmed our agency training program.
— Greg Vickers, Johnson County, Kansas, Sheriff’s Office
This course has taught me how to be more aware of my surroundings and how to safely escort the protectee in and out of an area.
— Michael West, Federal Reserve Police