All registrations will be refunded or transferred; local trainings are still on.

We’re sorry to create confusion and know this announcement will inevitably disappoint some: Our National Christian Protectors Conference is canceled.

We recently stated the conference would go forward despite the threat of the Coronavirus. Our goal was to let people make their own decisions about whether to attend and to elevate hygienic standards to the maximum level. We meant what we said.

However, circumstances have forced us to make a hard and swift reversal. Nearly the same day of our announcement, the mayor of Kansas City, Mo., and the leaders of Clay County, Mo., (the location of our conference) called for limits on large meetings. Since then, Kansas City has limited public gatherings to no more than 50, making it impossible for us to continue. Romans 13:1 declares, “Submit to governing authorities.” We’re disappointed, but we have no question it’s the right decision. Our desire is to be an asset to our community and local governments, not working against their leadership when it comes to public health.

There are two reasons for good news, though. First, we’ll hold the conference next year, March 25-27. And second, if you registered for this year’s event, you have three options:
1. We can apply your registration toward next year’s National Christian Protectors Conference.
2. We can apply your registration toward an upcoming Strategos class.
3. We can refund your money.

Let us know your preference by:
• Calling us at 888-569-5444
• Emailing us at [email protected].

All other trainings are still on
Finally, unless extraordinary and unforeseeable events dictate otherwise, Strategos will continue all of our trainings nationwide, capping them at 50 attendees in order to comply with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control. In the event one of these were to be canceled for any reason, you would be notified.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve. We’ll get through this together!