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Law Enforcement Training Opportunities

Strategos International offers a highly trained professional team with a diverse range of backgrounds in both law enforcement and military services. Beyond law enforcement consulting services, our organization offers all of the following training opportunities to law enforcement and military organizations.

Services we offer:

  • On-site training
  • Strategies of low light engagements
  • Law enforcement response to active shooter instructor courses
  • Active shooter & intruder response for dispatchers and 911 operators
  • Protecting at risk personnel - executive protection course

A Trusted Resource for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement and military agencies have faced a significant increase in public scrutiny over recent years. As such, it’s never been more important for these organizations to remain effective, respectful, and publicly accountable in their policing actions. By partnering with Strategos International, our law enforcement consulting services can help ensure agencies maintain the highest standards of quality in their practices.

Service Highlights

For Law Enforcement Consulting Services

  • Independent third-party evaluations of law enforcement/military organizations
  • Objective observations using unbiased evaluation standards when engaging in our consulting services
  • Evaluation standards developed by subject matter experts

Our Values

Why Work With Strategos?

Proven Techniques

Our training strategies have been developed through years of hands-on education, experience, and client feedback.

Flexibility & Scalability

Strategies and content are presented in a manner that is principle-based and designed to be customizable depending on the client’s unique requirements.


Strategos has trained, consulted, and protected over 300,000 professionals in over 15 countries globally, a significant portion of which have included law enforcement and military clients.

How It Works

Often, an independent third-party and outside agency can help law enforcement leaders overcome objections that they cannot impartially judge their own actions. Strategos International acts as an unbiased party and uses objective evaluation standards when engaging in our consulting services—with all standards supplied via law enforcement subject matter experts. Additionally, we endeavor to help the agency maintain a positive work environment throughout the duration of our consultation services.

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Training benefits
  • Reduce anxiety & fear
  • Increase response capability
  • Decrease liability exposure