From Student To Sunday School Teacher…

Learn Proven Methods Anyone Can USe
To Lock Out An Intruder And Keep People Safe.

When there is an active shooter one of the best things you can do is to lockout the threat.

Violent intruders have one goal.

Do as much damage as possible as fast as possible.

And we know from experience that lives are saved when a lockdown is done right.

At Strategos, we do over 250 live trainings a year and have trained tens of thousands of people how to do a lockdown properly.

We are considered by many law enforcement experts to be the best in the country at what we do.

A division of the Department of Homeland Security even gave our lockdown training five out of five stars.

Our goal is to help you keep people safe.  And our heart is to help you be able to train as many people as possible in your church or school on how to do a lockdown the right way.


And That Is Exactly Why We Created This…

This Online Video Training Highlights Much Of The Lifesaving Cornerstone Lockdown Training Strategos Is Known For.

While there is no substitute for attending one of our live trainings, this video training allows you to train as many people on your team in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Who is this training for?


​Churches and schools looking for an efficient way to quickly train people how properly lockdown a room in the event of an intruder or active shooter.


​Course attendees wanting a way to review the information learned at our live training events.

 Even if you have been through other lockdown training in the past we guarantee you will find this information beneficial. 

At Strategos, intruder awareness and lockdown training is what we do.  

Many people who attend our trainings are blown away by how much more they learn compared to other trainings they have been to in the past.

This training is…


100% ministry focused and biblically based.


Is based on proven principles we know and have seen work in the real world.


Is something anyone can do.  Regardless of age, gender or size.   

Here Is Just Some Of What You Will Learn


How even a single person can lockout and intruder making sure they never get inside.


The 70 cent item anyone can use to secure a door shut (and that many parents have their kids carry at school).


How to protect kids from gunfire during an attack and what you should plan for in advance.


How to quickly and safely break a window to avoid getting injured by flying glass due to gas found in many outside-facing windows.


The 3 steps you must go through in every lockdown situation to make sure no one can get in the room no matter how strong they are.


Multiple ways to lockdown a room regardless of if the door swing in or out.


How to lockdown a kids area.  The things you need to consider and the common mistakes that most churches, nurseries and schools make that can put your kids at risk.


How to use common objects that you already have in every room to secure the door.



Meet Your Instructor

Barry Young

Barry Young serves as the Vice President of Operations at Strategos as well as our lead Church Security Instructor.

Barry personally conducts more than 75 church security trainings every year. Often booked more than a year in advance, Barry is the most experienced and sought after church security instructor in the country.

On Average, A Ticket To Our One Day Lockdown Training Is About $97 Per Person.

That means to train a small team of 10 people costs roughly $1,000.

But With This Online Training Option You Can Get Access For Your Entire Team For Just One Low Price (When You Select The Team Access Option).

That Means For One Low Price You Can Share This Life Saving Training With Your Entire Team Of Staff AND Volunteers. YES! That Means A Unlimited Access Forever.

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

At Strategos We are blessed to have the top law enforcement and church security experts.

We stand by our training and know the life-saving information we provide is the best in the industry.

So, our guarantee is simple. If for any reason you are not happy with this training, within 30 days of purchase simply let us know and we will refund every penny…no questions asked.

Here Are Answers To A Few Common Questions

Can I buy this for my church?

Absolutely! We have had many people purchase online training for their churches. Just let us know if you prefer to change the email address associated with the account.

How is this different from your Layered Approach Course?

The Layered Approach course goes in depth on the proper security structure you need to have in place.  This is the actual lockdown training that we do not cover in that course.

How will I get access?

Immediately after checkout, your login will be sent.  If you already have a Strategos University account, you will automatically be granted access inside your account. 

How long do we have access and for how many?

When we say unlimited, we mean it! You can share this with as many people that are volunteers or staff at your church. And your access never expires. This is a one-time purchase only.