Our Most Requested Online Church Security Training!

In Just A Few Hours You Can
Train Your Team In…

The Layered Security Approach
Proven To Help You Effectively
Deter, Prevent & Respond
To Acts Of Violence Against Your Church.

Looking To Start A Security Ministry? Already Have One And Have Been Through Training In The Past?
Regardless, We Guarantee You Will Learn New Information On How To Make Your Church Safer.

Since 2007 we have trained nearly 50,000 people in church security. Conducting over 200 live trainings every year.

And the biggest challenge we have seen churches face is…

When It Comes To Security Training, Most Churches Either Don’t Know Where To Start
Are Simply Looking For A More Efficient Way To Train Their Pastors, Staff And Volunteers.

For this reason, the biggest request we have had from churches over the years is to have a COMPLETE training outlining our layered approach to church security in VIDEO FORMAT.

That Is Exactly Why We Created This…

This Online Video Training Highlights 2 ½ Hours Of Selected Lecture From Our LIVE 1 Day Church Security Class.

While there is no substitute for attending one of our live trainings, this video training allows you to train as many people on your team in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Who is this training for?

​Churches looking for an efficient way to quickly train new team members (or even new teams) in this highly-effective and proven approach to church security.

​A way for training course attendees to review the information learned at our live training events.

Even if you have been through other training in the past, we promise you will still find tremendous value here.

In fact, many of our course attendees who have been through “other” trainings are blown away by how much they learn.

Thats because this is not something we just do on the side or started doing yesterday.

We have been dedicated to being the best at church security training for over a decade and are considered by leading law enforcement agencies to be “the go to authority.”

A recognition we are humbled and honored to have.

This training is…


100% ministry focused and biblically based.


Compliments law enforcement (whether already on-site or responding).


Is not just reactive, but proactive.  We give you insight into not only what to do during an event, but what you can do NOW to deter an intruder and help prevent a violent attack in the first place.

This Security Approach Makes Your Church Safer
While Making It Even More Friendly Than It May Even Be Now.

AND…Having a resource that allows you the quickly train your team in the fundamentals of layered church security allows you to quickly ascend into our very popular and more advanced live classes.

Such as:


2 Day Church Security & Intruder Response Training


Various Tactical Church Security Trainings


4 Day ​Church Security Boot Camp


Various Tactical Church Security Trainings


2 Day ​Pastoral & Platform Security

Here is what you will learn in this training…

Learn 3 biggest triggers identified as the leading causes of church violence.

​​Learn proper lockdown principles and procedures for both inside and outside lockdowns.


​We will discuss the mindset of attackers as well as commonalities to look for in those that intend harm at your church.

​We will go over the primary reasons why churches are considered soft (easy) targets and tell you how you can protect yourselves.

​We will walk you through the individual layers of security you must have in place to be able respond to an incident appropriately and even prevent one in the first place.


​How to recognize, communicate & respond to suspicious activity in and around your church.


​Be trained on the 3 OUT method and understand what method to use when.


​How to handle protesters and the #1 thing you absolutely must avoid to protect you from law suites.


​Learn the awareness priority matrix, including proper seating and positions inside of your sanctuary.


​Awareness and lock down training for ushers, greeters and parking personnel. Including…what most ushers and greeters are not aware of that can save countless lives if an event were to occur.


​​How to properly staff and positions recommended for churches of various sizes.


​​​Understand and recognize the need of security presence in your church


​​​​What to do in the event an incident does take place. Including how to fight back, when to do it and why you need to if you want to prevail.


Learn the 3 parts to a PROPER kids / children’s ministry lock down. Along with the #1 deadly mistake 90% of churches are making when it comes to protecting kids.


​Learn the 3 practical ways to increase the overall protection of your church.

PLUS…we will share with you the history and demographics of church shootings in America. We will even break down 8 different violent church attacks to help you be better prepared to both prevent and respond to an event at your church.

On Average, A Ticket To Our One Day Training Is About $97 Per Person.

That means to train a small team of 10 people costs roughly $1,000.

For this reason, many churches prefer to have volunteers cover the cost of trainings. However, we believe every church should have unlimited and instant access to this life saving information for their team of volunteers.

If you are seeing this that means you are in the grace period for this offer.  Due to COVID-19 many churches have asked for more time to make the purchase.  Please note however, this price will change VERY soon and without notice.

That Means For One Low Price You Can Share This Life Saving Training With Your Entire Team Of Staff AND Volunteers. YES! That Means A Unlimited Access Forever.

Here Are A Few Testimonials From Others Who Have Taken This Online Training

Good training was very clear for a layperson or a Police Officer very good for the cost if the church is small or just on a tight budget. The way times are I would suggest it to any church if you don’t have security this is the most you can get for the money

Tony Wells

Thought provoking and useable information. Key strategies that can be utilized by our team.

David Castagno

This training was very well received by the 30 Safety Team members who attended. They really appreciated the info, especially the live footage of the attacks that occurred recently . I received many positive and appreciative thank-yous. This is a great resource for us.

Keith Swart

I have enjoyed all my training classes your company have offered. Very informative and good advice to share with my team.

William Nestelroad

We have used Strategos from the beginning of forming our mission and policy. We feel the quality of your material is far superior to any other on the market and we use it exclusively. We have shared our policy with other local churches and strongly advise that they also partner with Strategos for the development of their policy and procedures and training opportunities.

David Harlacher

I am Former DHS and have been an Armed Security Officer at a hospital in a very bad part of St Louis for 14 years. This training video demonstrates the importance of everyone being on the same page and what to do as a situation evolves.

Mike Wimberly

I have enjoyed all my training classes your company have offered. Very informative and good advice to share with my team.

William Nestelroad

The best training I have found. Makes sense and is easy to understand. Geared toward volunteers.

William Tipp

Very informative, eye opening experence.

Tom Wilson

Barry, as usual, delivered the information in a dynamic presentation. My team had already received the bulk of the training from me and Barry cemented the principles in their minds with a fresh perspective. Regardless of the level of training your team has, this will do the same for you. It concisely lays the basic foundation and allows for implementation for any size team. Thank you, Barry, and the Strategos team!

Ursa Scott

It is very informative. And eye opening.

Mark Wilison

I found the online training most valuable. As an individual who has attended the 2 day Church Intruder Awareness Training I would recommend this training portal to other houses of worship, yet would highly suggest that if at all possible to attend in person any live training opportunities.

Jesse Pullen

Having attended a couple of courses sponsored by Strategos, Barry Young is always prepared and interesting. If you fall asleep in his class, you need a sleep deprivation study and possibly a CPAP! Information is plentiful and spot on. I’ve attended other church security-related classes that seem to not emphasize the spiritual aspect and basis for our worship services and the protection thereof. I love the proper emphasis Barry and the other instructors place on the need for a relationship with the Lord and then right behind that, our purpose as sheepdogs. As a retired 40 year law enforcement professional, I highly recommend the video training as well as in class courses.

Bob Milner

I am retired with over a 32 year law enforcement career. I have attended and researched multiple church security training. I thought this was very good training, brought up some good points, and I am excited to share with other team members. Thank you for your program!

Jerry Culp

I enjoyed the video and am trying to in courage our safety team to consider Strategos as a training opportunity. 

John Shriver

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

At Strategos We are blessed to have the top law enforcement and church security experts.

We stand by our training and know the life-saving information we provide is the best in the industry.

So, our guarantee is simple. If for any reason you are not happy with this training, within 30 days of purchase simply let us know and we will refund every penny…no questions asked.

Meet Your Instructor

Barry Young

Barry Young serves as the Vice President of Operations at Strategos as well as our lead Church Security Instructor.

Barry personally conducts more than 75 church security trainings every year. Often booked more than a year in advance, Barry is the most experienced and sought after church security instructor in the country.

Here Are Answers To A Few Common Questions

Can I buy this for my church?

Absolutely! We have had many people purchase online training for their churches. Just let us know if you prefer to change the email address associated with the account.

How is this different from your Fundamentals Course?

That course is a basic overview of church security. This course is MUCH more in depth and provides a thorough explanation and framework to a layered approach to church security.

How will I get access?

Immediately after checkout you will have an opportunity to create your login and password to your account. After purchase you can begin training within 60 seconds.

How long do we have access and for how many?

When we say unlimited, we mean it! You can share this training with as many people as you would like. And your access never expires. This is a one-time purchase only.